Tuesday, August 23, 2011

He's here!

You want me to do what?
This is the first child I have ever cut the cord for.
The doc tricked me, and I'll bet I don't even get a discount for doing part of the work. I'll itemize this bill and dispute any line item description like "cut cord" or "sever umbilicus cordicus."


                                                                            Hello World!

Reese McKay Whitney
Born 8-23-11 at 7:55am
Weighed 8lbs 9oz, 21 inches

He is named Reese after his mommy Keresa (care-REES-uh).
 He is named McKay after his daddy McKay (mugh-KAY).

The only thing left to figure now is how will we put the FOUR car seats in?

Friday, August 19, 2011

One Last Summer Post

I thought I should clear the camera off one final time before the baby gets here.
I'm sure McKay will post a few pictures from the hospital next week, but there's no telling when I'll make it back on here to update things.
Baby #4 will be here on Tuesday!

We have a huge box of old dot matrix paper...you know the old-school printer paper with the little rip-off edges?  Well, that's the paper the kids use for coloring and crafts.  Every month or so I pull out a huge stack and rip off the edges and separate the pages so it's easy for the kids to just grab a sheet when they want to use it.  I had my stack of edges ready to throw away and thought hmmm...the kids could have some fun with these.  So...

 ...they did. 

Did you know Carter loves food?  I seem to get lots of pictures of him with food.  Here are a some from the last couple of weeks.

Here he is trying cotton candy for the first time.  His face looked like this after every bite.
How can something taste sooo good, but feel so nasty in your mouth?  
I was laughing so hard.

One evening while I was gone last week McKay helped the kids build a giant fort.  
Dads are SO much more fun than Moms!
We left it up for a couple days and the kids even had dinner in there one night.

Carter's really into doing whatever the big kids are doing.
Lately they think it's so funny to dress him up and send him in to show me.

I love when they all play together.  It's fun to just sit back and watch them interact.
Even if they're just watching tv on my bed.

It's so weird to sit back and think about that fact that I have kids.  
I still feel like my 18 year old high school self....how can I have 3, almost 4, kids?? 
It's weird.  I don't know how to explain the way it feels...but I find myself just staring at them and feeling so happy that they are mine.

Until next time!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Separate Vacations

This past weekend McKay took the boys to his parent's cabin in Circleville, UT.
McKay took the van since it has a DVD player, but Jackson chose to ride up front with Dad for most of the trip.  I wish I could have listened in on their conversations.
They got to spend lots of time outside...something they haven't been getting nearly enough of here in Vegas.
 McKay, Carter, Grandpa Whitney, and Jackson bouncing on the bridge.

 Carter throwing rocks in the river.

 Jackson was so excited to tell me about the dinosaur cranium they found.
"Do you know what a cranium is Mom?  It's a head bone.  And a despicable cranium is an ugly head."

 Jackson playing in the cold water.

More bouncing.

They spent Friday night in Circleville and then headed home after dinner on Saturday.  I was worried about McKay driving into the night...I figured he'd be pretty tired after chasing Carter around for 2 days.
I texted him around 10:00pm to make sure he was staying awake.  

Here's his reply.
"Yes thanks to 1 mt. dew 1 water 2 pb snickers some jalapeno cheetos and a cafe rio burrito enchilada style.  I have more stuff too."

My response.
"Sounds painful..."

Needless to say, they made it home safely and we were all happy to have 1:00 church the next day. ;-)

So, what did me and Sydney do with no boys in the house?

Friday night
-Went to Aunt Sherri's salon to get Sydney's hair cut.
-Shopping at Old Navy
-Dinner and dessert at Applebees (because it is "romantic" according to Sydney)
-Red box (Justin Beiber Never Say Never)

-Shopping with my sisters
-Lunch at In-N-Out
-Watched TV until 10pm. 

 Sydney loved riding up front with me.

We had lots of fun.  Sydney's already asking when our next girl date will be.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Stuff

Last week we had a huge storm blow through our back yard.  It lasted long enough to grab the umbrellas and go outside for a few minutes, then load up in the car and go for a short drive in the rain (one of my favorite things to do).
It was SUPER windy.  Sydney's umbrella blew inside out as soon as she stepped outside.  I stood inside the sliding glass door and just laughed until they begged to come back in...after about 1 minute.  

The next day I took the kids to a splash pad early in the morning when it was only about 90 degrees outside.
We stayed for about 45 minutes until the temps climbed to 100 then went home.  I wish I could last longer out there...but no.

Every couple of months the kids remember about their zebra tent and ask me to set it up.
We leave it out for a few days and they play and play, then it goes back on the shelf until they remember about it again.  It's like having a new toy each time.  I love it.

This past weekend McKay took the boys to his parent's cabin in Circleville, UT while Sydney and I had a fun girls weekend.  Stay tuned for pictures from our adventures.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Need a good laugh?

Jackson found these in the dressing room at Target.
I can't help but laugh every time I see this picture.

Monday, August 1, 2011

At 36 weeks....

...the baby is about the size of a crenshaw melon.

Ya, that feels about right.  HUGE!
At least he'll be here THIS month!!

Jackson just saw this picture on my computer screen and his eyes bulged out of his head when I told him that's how big the baby is.  I told him to go hold a gallon of milk out of the fridge to see about how much the baby weighs (or will weigh in a couple weeks).  He told me he's happy he doesn't have to carry the baby in his belly.  
Each of my kids has weighed more than the one before.  With Carter weighing in at 8lbs 13oz I'm prepared for a 9 pounder this time around.  Bring it on!