Tuesday, November 1, 2005

November update

Sydney Mouse
unprecedented awesomeness!
just clownin around for Halloween this year
let's pump you up

We have had a fun October. Around the first part we got to have a good time during conference. We went to Keresa's family and made French toast. It was good. We also took a break during conference half-time and drew out a picture of the back yard on graph paper (my idea) so we could plan what we want to do back there. Some foreshadowing includes a much larger garden, getting rid of the palm tree, and some ground tiles or maybe even cement?...
Then we went to Spanish Fork to have a good old time with Atwoods. MK got some tooth opinions, and now we wait for Andy to learn some more about bones in December. On the way home, we got to ride with Uncle Vern (or did he ride with us?) as he counseled us in his regular way.
Then we had our big ward bash for Halloween. Mk got to dress up as a muscleman and Keresa and Sydney dressed up as clowns. We had a fun night of eating and passing out candy, and we got to judge the desserts.
Then Elder L Tom Perry came over to set apart Keresa's dad in the stake presidency, so we had a pretty spiritual weekend.
Finally we went to Disneyland, and ran into Chris and Summer numerous times, as well as most of the town of Logandale... Someone commented they must have rented a few buses and piled the entire town onto them for a Disneyland trip. Highlights of Disneyland included a show called Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. He did a mousetrap thing, then commented how his boss, Mickey, didn't like that act. We saw a historical movie about 50 years of Disneyland too.
I also got a postcard from Elder Winnie a few weeks ago. He has such nice handwriting you know. And I got a text message from him on my phone.
See everyone later.
Mk Kgw Srw
Editor's note: this family's email address has changed. mckay@tingeylawfirm.com