Thursday, February 1, 2007

February update

Guess-how-old cake
"Elmo hat"

"Elmo Cake!"

Sydney was watching Keresa paint her toe nails like she always does. After they were all put away Keresa sat in her chair and did her hair like she always does. In the meantime, Sydney went unnoticed for a period. Then before long she returned. She typically sits behind Keresa and plays with toys, or something like that. When Keresa finished blow drying, Sydney said, "Mom- Paint Nails!!" And Keresa turned around to see Sydney all set up with a bottle of nail polish, her feet on a towel on the carpet, and silver shiny paint all over her feet. Keresa quickly bathed the babe in nail polish remover and told her this was a task that required Mommy's help.
Sydney's second birthday was Saturday. She got an Elmo cake, made and decorated by her mother. We celebrated twice- once at the Tingey cabin in Mt. Charleston during the day, then once with her Grandma Gifford in the evening. We learned that the digestive system of a two-year-old cannot handle two parties worth of birthday treats in one day. The next morning we had quite a mess to clean up.
While washing Jackson in the bath, I was trying to wash out his neck rolls because he is chubby, and sometimes throw up gets stuck in there. When I reached my fingers in there, he started giggling. So I called for Keresa, and he did it a few more times. Since then though, he has not laughed anymore. No matter how we try, we cannot get him to do more than a huge smile. I'm glad she was able to quickly come in the bathroom and see before he quit.
We went to a trip in Park City, UT last weekend. It was a lot of fun, and very cold. We saw -17F temperatures. Cold.
We went to Disney on Ice, The Incredibles. It was a lot of fun. Poor Sydney got bored during the intermission, then she couldn't really get back into it, and fell asleep before the finale. We tried to wake her for the fireworks, lights, and all the excitement, but she was just completely asleep. We shook her a little, stood her up, and it just did not do any good.
At some point before she fell asleep, I had her on my lap while I was eating the cotton candy. After a few mouthfuls I realized it wasn't continually melting in my mouth. I looked down to see that somehow I had gotten her pigtail full of hair into my mouth. It was nasty. She said, "No dad!"