Monday, February 20, 2012


Sydney's 2 bottom teeth have been loose for a few weeks.  
Yesterday I asked her to show me how loose they were and one of them was ready to come out.
She was nervous, but let Dad work on it.

*Sydney has a don't mind the snot...haha.*

After all was said and done she was happy to have the tooth out and very anxious to see what the Tooth Fairy would bring.

Here's the note she wrote to the Tooth Fairy.

Sydney came into my room at 1:30am to let me know that her tooth was gone and she got
for her first tooth.

Lucky girl!!


This is McKay's last year in his twenties.
To help celebrate Carter and Reese helped me make him a cake and yummy dinner.

Jackson made Dad a fancy  birthday hat to wear when he got home from work.

Happy Birthday, McKay!

Valentine's Day 2012

This year for Valentine's Day we stayed in with the kids to celebrate.  
We started of making heart shaped pizza with heart shaped pepperoni.

Then we ate with all the lights off and lit some candles.  
So romantic! ;-)

McKay sent me an Edible Arrangement and it was so yummy.

It was a nice relaxing Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

January in a Nutshell.

As always, January came and went before I could even blink....and it's already the second week of February!
Here's January in pictures.

McKay got a kick out of taking these "Million Dollar Baby" pictures.
I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and this is what I turn around to.

Reese teased us and fed himself the other day...he hasn't done it again since...he just wanted to give us a glimpse of what it will be like to have all of our kids self feeding.  ;-)

We took a spontaneous trip to St. George last weekend.  We used our new best friend ( and booked 2 nights at the Marriott for dirt cheap.  We went shopping, played at a park, ate yummy food, swam in the indoor swimming pool, and had a blast.   

One of the nights we got a package of glow sticks from the dollar spot at Target and took them back to the hotel room.  We spent a good hour with all the lights off working on our awesome glow stick skillz.  

Carter always makes me smile.

We went to another park in Boulder City.  Parks are so much more fun when all the walking kids are old enough to play by themselves.  It's the worst following a one-year-old all around worried he's going to jump off and land on his head.  

One evening McKay and I were busy with something and Reese was fussing in his high chair.  Carter found a half eaten bottle, pushed a chair up beside him and started feeding him.  It was the cutest thing.

We took the kids to Disney on Ice - Toy Story 3.  
Sadly it was a bit of a let down.  Our seats were at the top of the section right next to the isle, so all the people walking up and down the stairs (pretty much non-stop) blocked our view.  Also, we felt like there was waaaaay too much "acting" and not enough skating/dancing.  
I guess it also could have been that we were wrestling a 2 year old and 5 month old until 10:00 at night.  
Either way, I'm not certain we'll continue this tradition...we'll see.

The end!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sydney is Seven!

I have a SEVEN year old!?!
Pure craziness.

Sydney was so excited for her birthday this year.  She made me commit to throwing her a party several months ago so that I wouldn't try to convince her otherwise once January rolled around.
She knows me too well!

Since her birthday was on Friday and her party wasn't until Saturday she got to join me and Mckay on our weekly date night.  
She got to sit in the front seat between us and open presets from her Daddy on the way to dinner.    

We went to Geisha Steak House where they prepare your food on the grill right in front of you.  
She had a blast and felt very special being an only child for a night.

The next day was her party.  She was so excited!
The theme was "Girls Day Out".
We started off with lunch ad Red Robin.  My mom, sister, and sister-in-law came along so we let the girls get their very own table while us adults watched from a distance.  They were really cute.

Next we went to the cutest little cupcake shop The Cupcakery and let the girls pick out cupcakes.
That's right!  I got out of making lunch and a cake!!!  My kinda of party!
I wish I would have remembered to take pictures at the cupcake shop.  They had so many flavors and were displayed in the cutest way.  

She opened her gifts and was very spoiled by her friends and family.

Her new (more mature) hooded bath towel from Grandma.

Then we ended the party with manicures.  So fun!

It was such a fun day.  I love that she's old enough to be my girly shopping buddy.  
She's the girliest girly girl and an amazing big sister.
Happy Birthday SYDNEY RAE!!!