Saturday, September 1, 2007

September update

Some turtle at some museum at Virginia Beach
exit wound

Sydney always helps me empty all the garbages on Saturday nights, then take it out to the street. She thinks she is in charge of that. She walks around the house with a handful of bags, dropping one at each garbage can. She stands and waits for me like she hasn't got all day or something.
After that, she was reading books with me in Jackson's room. His room is the kid playroom full of toys in the closet, so that is mostly where we play. So I asked her to pick out two books she would like to read, and take them out of his room because I was going to put him to bed, and I would then read to her by herself out in the living room before bed. When I got back, she was nowhere in sight, but the closet doors were closed. So I played and said, "Where's Sydney, oh, Sydney, where are you." And she threw the doors open to get me by surprise.
Jackson's record is 5 steps. I think he will walk some day, but so far, no more than 5 steps in a row. He has started making a lot of faces, including some pretty sarcastic ones. We will try to catch one on photo for you all.
I am recovering well from the emergency C-section I had, or maybe it was an A-section, for appendix. Keresa knows a lot of stuff about how I feel, how I should rehab, and what things I cannot do thanks to her C-sections. She coaches me well. Luckily we got our health insurance all set up and prepared first thing when we got here. Otherwise this appendix ordeal would have cost as much as schooling . . .
Thanks everyone for your love and prayers.