Thursday, April 22, 2010

Problem Solver

Last night I was helping the older kids with a craft while McKay was watching Carter. It was only 6:45, an hour and 15 minutes before bed time, and Carter was fussy and tired. After dealing with his fussiness for a few minutes McKay left to the back of the house with Carter and came back with this:

Nice job, dear.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hillbilly Days and Jackson's Tubes

Last week we headed to Pikeville, KY for the annual Hillbilly Days. This has been our replacement for missing the Clark County Fair since we've lived in Virginia. The kids got the same yummy kettle corn they get each year, but this year we passed on the fried snickers, oreos, and twinkies. (We even saw chocolate covered bacon this thanks.) This was Carter's first experience out in the sun and heat...and he wasn't too happy. I eventually took his shirt off and poured some water on his onesie. It was almost 90 degrees...pretty hot for April here. I guess with Carter being born in November and having lived his 5 months in 20-50 degree weather, he was shocked by the heat. He was fussy, but didn't get sick (thank heavens).
Jackson and Sydney eating their yummy kettle corn.

Carter trying to be a good sport in the heat.

The kids got to choose 3 rides to go on...why are carnival rides SO DANG EXPENSIVE??? I would have loved for them to ride them all, but dinner at Applebees seemed like a better way to spend another $30.

We had a lot of fun, but we'll be happy to be at the Clark County Fair next year with our friends and families!

This morning I took Jackson in to have his tubes put in. The surgery center was about an hour and 40 minutes from our house, so we were up EARLY to be there and registered by 7:00am. He did great. The nurses loved him, and he was tough through the whole process. I WISH I would have snapped of a picture of him marching his little self into the operating room with his little undies bum hanging out of his hospital gown...very cute! The procedure was just a few minutes long and he came right of the anesthesia. It only took him about 30 minutes to start acting like his normal self and for those 30 minutes I got to hold and snuggle him...he never lets me do that anymore! Since he'd been fasting we stopped and got some yummy breakfast together on the way home. It was a nice Mommy/Son date.

Thank heavens the tubes (and hopefully the ear infections) are over with!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A few random pics

I took Carter to good ol' Wal-Mart to get some pictures taken. Here he is at 4 months old.

Grandma Gifford sent Carter some yummy baby cookie things in his Easter basket. He was getting fussy while I was making dinner the other night so we tried them out...he LOVED it.

And it even put him to sleep while we ate dinner. Nice!
Oh, and check out Carters latest trick.
Did I mention we are the proud owners of a 20 lb 5 month old? Big boy eh'?

On Sunday the kids got to wear their new Easter outfits from Grandma Gifford. They looked so cute. Thanks Mom!

Sydney and Jackson

The boys
The girls
All three kiddos


And the countdown continues.
-11 days until my mom and sisters get here.
-15 days until my dad gets here.
-17 until graduation.
-19 days until we drive away from Grundy...for the last time.
-22 (or so) days until we arrive in Vegas our HOME SWEET HOME!!!
See you soon!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Here come a flood pictures from our Easter festivities.
First was the library party.

Then the preschool party.

Then the Primary party.

Then Easter finally came. The kids enjoyed opening Easter baskets that Grandma Gifford sent, a special Easter breakfast made by Dad, and nice picnic on the front grass, followed by one last Easter egg hunt. The weather in Grundy is SO nice right now. All the trees are budding and the flowers have bloomed. It's been a great week!
Here's my version of breakfast. The kids' included "muffin cake". It's a Dad specialty made from muffin mix poured into a pie pan, baked, cut in pie pieces, and topped with fruit and whipped cream. Yummy.

It was too hot in the sun for Sydney, so she ate on the steps.

Happy Easter!