Friday, February 1, 2008

February update

January has the record of being the fastest month ever for us. Between finishing our Las Vegas partying, the red eye flight with the Kiddos, getting back into school, and snow days, every day has held something new.
The flight back to Virginia was great. The kids ate the airplane snacks, slept, and only went to the bathroom where they were supposed to. The airport in North Carolina was small, cold, and late at night. I left Keresa with both kids and all our stuff while I rode the bus to long term parking and retrieved our car. It was a chilling 14 degrees, and as I walked up to the car in the parking lot, it looked like someone had dropped a boulder on the windshield because it was all spider webbed and cracked. Magically, as I turned on the defroster and got everything warmed up, the spider web went away.
They cancel public schools here on the mere forecast of snow. I have only had class pushed back on an hour delay on some very snowy days.
Jackson has learned to climb up on stuff. There is a box in our front room that he likes to climb up. Periodically we will hear him do such a sad cry from that room. When we go to see the matter, he is standing up on the box with his hands behind his back. Once he gets up, he can�t get down. Hmm . . . I have a great new idea for time out . . .
Sydney had her birthday, so now she's 3. She carried around a box and sometimes put it on her head, sometimes would stand on it, etc. Then she came to me at the computer and asked for tape. I gave her a few minutes, then went to check on her. She had the box all taped up and asked, "Dad will you take me to the post office so I can send this package to Summer?"
It was great to see almost everyone at New Years and we look forward to returning this summer!