Monday, May 11, 2009


After almost 40 hours of driving across the country and a quick visit to Grandma and Grandpa Whitney's house in Logandale, we threw the kids in the car for a few more hours of driving to Disneyland. Grandma Gifford and Christie came along and we had a blast. We spent two days there and were able to walk onto just about everything. The last time we went there Sydney was just 9 months old, so it was fun having two kids who could enjoy it all. Even McKay had to admit that he had a good time....and that says a lot! Here are some pictures of our trip.

Today McKay started his Summer job and we're finally adjusted to Pacific Time. We're looking forward to our Summer with friends and family close by.

Friday, May 1, 2009

April in review

Got the results back from the MPRE (the ethics part for the bar exam). Passed. Phew.

Sydney and Jackson found a dryer sheet. They were playing with it for a while. Sydney came in holding the dryer sheet in her lips and letting it hang down past her chin. She said she was pretending to be Santa, and she gave Keresa a present.

Jackson was taking too long to wash his hands and face after we ate lunch. So I went in there to rush him along. I got my hand wet and washed his face, but I saw some of his food had melted down past his chin onto his neck. So I wiped at his neck but he tightened up and started laughing uncontrollably. The kid has a pretty ticklish neck.

Keresa was explaining to Sydney that the new baby lives in a place that’s kind of like water. Sydney said, "And I know why, so the baby can get a drink whenever it wants to. But how does it eat?" Keresa tried to tell her about the umbilical cord. Sydney said, "Interesting, I never thought about that."
Yeah right Sydney...

Keresa told Jackson there was a baby in her belly. Jackson said, "Well take off your clothes so I can see it!" She said, "no, its IN my belly." He said, "well open your shirt!"

Talking about flowers, Sydney said, "well I do like those handy dandy ones outside that we blow on." (dandelions)

Keresa told Sydney that Gma Gifford probably likes Disneyland more than her. Sydney said, "Well, I think she likes me AND Disneyland."
Keresa felt bad and quickly told her, "Oh Yes, she likes both you and Disneyland, I was just saying that she likes Disneyland even more than you like Disneyland."

We went to fly a kite. Later we were talking about it and Sydney said, "I just can't wait to go back to the helementary school and fly that kite again."

We were all riding in the car and it was pretty quiet. Sydney said, "Mom, sometimes its boring in Las Vegas… " then she snickered a little, then she burst out laughing. Pretty good job of making the dry Whitney humor.