Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jackson's 2nd Birthday Bash

Jackson turned two on Sunday! He thought it was so cool that it was HIS day. He sang happy birthday to himself and reminded Sydney several times that it was his birthday. Thank you Grandma Gifford the box of gifts. Sydney and Jackson loved opening every single one. And, thanks you Grandma Whitney for the birthday card. Jackson was very excited to see all the different pictures on it. We had a wonderful day.

Here is a slide show of Jackson's birthday pictures and another one of the videos we made. Enjoy!

Jackson's Dino Cake

Here are some pictures of Jackson's birthday cake.

Monday, September 15, 2008


This past weekend we went camping at Breaks Interstate Park with some other Law School families. It was so nice to have a weekend to relax and let the kids play. We pulled up our 6X12 enclosed trailer to sleep in. Mckay was scared the bears would get us if used a tent. ;-) Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Sydney and Jackson were too excited to sleep.
A look out on one of our hikes.

A few more camping pictures.
Jackson and Emilie. I think they'll become good friends here in VA. Aren't they cute?!?
Sydney posing for a picture on our hike.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sydney's School

Yes, the school is called Grundy United Methodist Preschool, but they promised me they wouldn't baptize her. Notice the sign, because there are SO many churches in Grundy, they try to out do eachother when it comes to clever phrases. Also not every building in Grundy has air conditioning, so sometimes the ones that do will advertise it. I guess this is also a spoof on that. Good ol' Grundy.

Sydney's first day of school!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Virginia Life is in Full Swing

I am in class. The rigors of 2L law school life are much more manageable than 1L life because I know what I’m doing this year. In one class I am in a group with 5 people. I got to name the group: Hook, Line, Cinco. I think I am the only one who appreciates it. It’s nice to focus in, read, and come home at the end of the day knowing that I am all caught up. It’s also nice to know that a person only has one appendix.

Keresa hauls the kids to and from the library, preschool, and the park. The kids have a weekly library class. They read a book and do little crafts. Keresa likes to take them early so they play for a while before. Someone made a donation and enabled our library to build a children’s wing. You might say it’s “hooked up.” Sydney’s preschool is 3 times a week. It’s at the Grundy Methodist Church. They said they wouldn’t baptize her, but maybe Keresa can always keep Sydney’s hair styled in a frizzy way so we will be able to tell if it got wet during the day.

Keresa is dreading training Jackson to do his job in the toilet. We have pp candy and a little kid toilet. He often tells her after he has done his job in his diaper, so I guess it’s time to start. His word of the month is now. He uses it like this: “Mommy! Drink! Please! Now!” Do the please and the now cancel each other out?

Our branch had 60 people for two weeks in a row, and we had to overflow people into the primary room during sacrament. I don’t think its enough to get our building remodeled and some rooms added, but if it happened for several weeks I think they would do it. Keresa now changed from a RS counselor to a Primary counselor. This is a welcome change. Now she gets to be in our huge primary and prepare the kids for the primary program. I say huge because it has grown by something like 400% since last year. We now have 11 kids in there. Size is relative, right?