Sunday, January 1, 2006

January update

" Forget presents, I want more toys!"
Syd and Santa (taken with a Treo 600)

Christmas came and went; so did Grandma and Grandpa. They went to the airport near the first of December, and returned around the end of December, so we have had their extra car at our house. It came in handy for about a week when mk's car was out of commission (sold). We were so excited to get a new car we went ahead and sold one before we had bought the new one. The Beast (as grandpa affectionately calls it) served us well for that short time when we would have been a one-car family. Keresa surprised mk with a beautiful truck for Christmas. Nice replacement for the ghetto Saturn ride. The new one is a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer, same as a ford explorer, just more luxurious. It has seating for 7, so we will be able to fit all the scouts for outings now!
Keresa enjoys having lots of quality time with mk during the break. We have been out a lot together and it is so nice to have regular 8-5 schedules for this short break.
We went to red rock to ride four wheelers with Chris and Summer on Christmas Eve. It was so hot we all had to take off our jackets and couldn't stop to rest unless we were in the shade.
We are enjoying many blessings and hope that everyone else is too. We anxiously await an announcement from Summer!
Love, Mk kgw srw