Monday, May 9, 2011


McKay's been pushing me to do a blog post the last couple of weeks.  I've been lazy with my picture taking and have mostly snapped pictures with my phone and sent them to McKay throughout the day.
He sent me a few emails full of all those picture from the last several weeks, so here we go.

My youngest brother, Jared left on his mission in April.  He'll be serving in the Argentina Resistencia Mission for the next 2 years.  We met him early in the morning at the airport to say our last good byes. 
The kids already have a huge envelope of pictures and letters they've made for him.
*Note to self....get that in the mail this week!!

Sydney was very emotional about her last day of Kindergarten at her old school.  She LOVED her teacher Mrs. Barrett and she'd been out on maternity leave since November.  Luckily, we ended up staying in our old house a week longer than planned and Mrs. Barret came back that week.  Sydney got 3 full days with her teacher and she was so happy.

I didn't snap any pictures of Sydney on her first day of her new school, but she LOVES it.  
It's all day Kindergarten and she can't get enough.
Her teacher is Mrs. Smith and she's young and cute and Sydney's made lots of new friends.
Hard to believe there's less than  5 weeks until the school year is over and then Jackson will be starting, too!!

Our first week in the new house was Spring Break and Sydney didn't know what to do with herself being home all day.
I had to remind her about all the fun toys we had.  The kids have loved having lots of extra space to play in.  Trains were the toy of choice for about a week and they made some pretty intense tracks.  It was nice having them occupied for a few hours at a least until their little monster brother would wake up from his nap...

Carter's personality is really starting to come out.  He's finally decided to give talking a shot and it's fun to hear.  He'll repeat the things you tell him to say and the older kids take full advantage of that.
He also loves to tease you.  He loves to run and hide when you call his name....a not so cute game that he's  quickly learning doesn't go over so well with Mom.  While trying to escape last weekend he tripped and fell on the side walk, scraping up his face.  
Here he is after a few days of healing.

Our new house has a loft that overlooks the room with our tv.
The kids think it's so cool to watch tv and play Wii from up there.

We got free tickets to a LV 51's game this past week.  We got to eat some yummy barbecue and sit and watch the game for a while.
Turns out it was $1 beer night...let's just say we only sat in the bleachers for about 10 minutes before packing it up and leaving.
The kids had fun and were happy to get their free hats.

I think I've mentioned before that our new house is just around the corner from my brother's house. It's also right on the edge of town which means we can ride straight out into the desert from our garage.  We've had lots of fun hanging out with them more, and the kids LOVE having cousins so close.
Last weekend we went for a ride.  Fun, but SUPER windy.
I'm sad that in just a couple more weeks it will be too hot to ride during the day.

Jackson has had to adjust to having Sydney gone all day at school.  Usually our mornings would fly by and before we new it, it was time to go pick her up.
He's finding things to keep himself busy.
The other day he came to me with little clips on his toes and said,
"Look at my dinosaur foot claw!"

He's been doing lots of  "color by number" worksheets.  He'll also draw pictures, cut them out, and "frame" them.  He loves hanging his art on the wall and having me take a picture to send to Dad.

So there's a random recap or our last few weeks.  Our house is all put together and we've had lots of people over.  I have one more wall of pictures to hang and then I'll be ready to take pictures of the house and post them.  
McKay got lots of yard work done on Saturday so it's starting to look like someone actually lives here again.

Work is going great for McKay, I think he loves his job more every day.
He settled his first case and got his first bonus this past pay period.  (Hooray!!)

I'm 24 weeks into this pregnancy.  I've just started feeling pregnant this past week.  I'm having some back pain and a growing belly to show for it.  Jackson has felt the baby kick several times, but the little guy holds still every time Sydney tries.

That's all from the Whitneys for now.