Monday, May 1, 2006

May update

Flower children in Sedona, AZ
Con-grads (corny, I know)
hunting instincts of a really good hunting animal
perfect weather for a walk
Happy Easter!
Happy Beach?!

This month we went to Sedona, AZ for a few days. It was a nice little trip for spring break. We didn't do anything spectacular. We just swam, hiked, rode 4wheelers, did a Jeep tour, watched a movie and had an Easter Egg hunt. It was fun to just hang around and not worry about work or school. I guess that would be what you call a vacation. Sydney did pretty good at the egg hunt. She liked throwing the plastic eggs on the ground and watching all the treats inside explode onto the sidewalk.
The room we stayed in had a huge spa bathtub. We put Sydney in it and turned on the jets. She wasn't too sure about that, but she did like the deep water. She walked around and splashed in the shoulder-deep water. Then she made a weird face, and a little log floated to the surface. We had to rush to turn the jets off before it got sucked in and incorporated into the system. That ended bath time prematurely.
KGW is doing well in her pregnancy. She is into the 2nd trimester now so she is feeling great. She just has to find a way to cope with the inescapable heat that will be here before we know it. We will be setting up the pool in the backyard to help with that. If anyone wants to come spend the night here, we run the swamp cooler and you will wake up to a chilly 64 degrees in the morning.
MK is so excited he is sleeping less and less each night. He is counting down the days to the graduation. We have been considering what hobbies he can take up to fill all the spare time we will have, and have decided mostly to take on all the projects around the house, like shelving, putting together a little shed, yard work, etc. It will definitely be a pleasant change to have a husband again!
Sydney scared us with her dental progression. She has 2 teeth in the bottom center, one of the front teeth on top, then a space, then the next tooth. So her smile sometimes looks as bad as her dad's. But now the gap is bulgy and we think the tooth that belongs there is on its way down.
Also here is a fun website I made for a final in a class this semester: Delamar
Looking forward to seeing everyone in August!
Love, Mk kgw srw