Monday, October 10, 2011

Big smile for Dad

McKay sent me these pictures that he took of Reese sometime over the weekend.  
He worked up to one huge smile.  So cute!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reese's Baby Blessing

On Sunday October 2nd McKay blessed our baby Reese.

 It was so nice to be close to our family and spend the evening visiting and eating.
I had the chance to sit back and remember how truly grateful I am for each of my kids, my husband, my parents and in-laws, siblings, and close friends.  Everyone is so supportive and makes my life so happy.
Thanks to all who came.  We love you!

Reese with Grandma and Grandpa Whitney.

...and Sydney.

With Grandma and Grandpa Gifford.

So awake and alert.

Grandma and Grandpa Gifford, Reese, and Aunt Jacee.

Our (not so little) family.

Mom, Dad, and Reese.

McKay's nice way of saying, "Enough with the pictures!!".

The 4 kiddos.

For dinner that night we made a massive pot of chili.  After opening a few cans my wrist was tired and I put McKay on the job.  After just a couple cans he went out to the garage and came up with this idea.

 Genius! ;-)

Lots of cans!

Halloween House

McKay snapped a bunch of pictures of me and the kids working on this Halloween house.

I've got to get a better "concentrating" face...

 We kept Carter contained and far away from the mess...with some candies to keep him company.

 Also, Carter and Jackson got some new shoes.  They thought it was cool that they (almost) matched even though they are from different stores.  They asked me to take a picture.

And lastly a couple pictures of Mr. Reese.
He's working on his smiles these days.  Sometimes I'm able to capture them.

But usually as soon as I get the camera out he just stares at this.

I bought tickets to McKee Ranch for their pumpkin patch for our family.  It came with 2 pony rides and I'm very excited to go!  
I don't know about you, but after a very LONG and painful Vegas Summer, I am SO happy to welcome this lovely cool weather!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jackson is 5!!

For a while there McKay and I thought we were only going to have 2 kids. 
Jackson was our baby and we thought that's how it would always be.
Needless to say, he's not our baby any more, and although he now has 2 little brothers, to me he'll always be my baby...or at least one of them ;-)
SOOO, it's a very weird feeling to have my "baby" turn FIVE!
Five is OLD!

Jackson wanted to invite friends to his party, so we combined and invited friends and family.
We had quite the bunch!  It was tiring shopping, preparing food for, and throwing a big birthday bash with a 4 week old but it was totally worth it.  
He chose to have a vampire party.

I forgot to take pictures until the party was almost over, but some are better than none I guess.
The pinata.

The presents.

The cupcakes.
I didn't get a good picture of them.
They were red velvet cake with white frosting and purple sprinkles with this little guy
cut out and stuck on top with a tooth pick.  

On his actual birthday, a few days later, we went to Red Robin where he got his free birthday kids meal, and the servers sang to him and brought him his own ice cream sundae.  He wasn't too sure about them singing to him...his face was priceless, but he loved eating up his ice cream!

It's not always easy to get a full family shot these we had to settle for these.

After dinner we headed home where Jackson got to hunt for his presents.
He got a couple new motorized trains for the train set along with a few other little toys.

But apparently his most exciting gift was...
his new underwear!  Haha.

It's going to be SUPER weird when my real baby turns 5!!