Friday, June 1, 2007

June update

bubbles in the house
night night
APP-ugh-LAA(like in laugh)-cha
This is where you go to get thangs.

You can see that in Grundy, Virginia, they got plenty of "thangs" to shop for. Turns out it's call 'app-uh-LAUGH-cha' school of law. I guess we can probably make it through without picking up the accent, but I don't think our kids stand a chance. We found that our branch we will attend will be a 45-minute drive. It has an actual church-owned property with a sign and everything. It's a small branch of about 35 people. They will start up the nursery program when Sydney gets there because she will be the only one. We found a house that will be a good fit for our family. It's within 2 miles of the school. There is enough room for us to have a real guest room, but there is also the town's Comfort Inn within walking distance for those who like a little more privacy when they come to visit.
Our house has been in escrow for half of May and is scheduled to close on June 15. We will hang out here in Las Vegas until the reunion at Matt's wedding in 4th of July, then we will move to Virginia for our 3-year-long vacation. That's what it will be like right? ...
Sydney blew lots of bubbles this month. She scored a bubble blowing toy when we took a vacation to San Diego for Cinco de Mayo. We saw the SD sights and spent a lot of time hangin' out like beach bums. It was a great vacation destination. We highly recommend it for all.
Jackson had a haircut, so he looks like a boy instead of a baby now. He only ever crawls 2 steps or so, then he pretends to have numb legs and he just pulls himself along with his arms. He gets around pretty fast.
Keresa is trying to pack a box here and there so when it's time to go we will be ready. She has packed nearly everything except what we use in the kitchen and our clothes, and it's only 8 boxes. She thinks on the day before we leave we will fill another 8 or 10, but that's all the more stuff we have besides furniture.
We are excited to see you all at Matt's wedding.