Sunday, April 1, 2007

April update

fast slide at 'new park'
clean and full--it's a good feeling
small towel for a small girl
watch your fingers!
Happy Easter!

March has been a fast month for us. We received two acceptances: Ohio Northern and Appalachia University in Virginia. They require a deposit to hold your seat, so we decided to pay Ohio's in order to have a seat in case we don't get accepted anywhere else. Of course we would like to be at UNLV, so we will hope to receive that acceptance.
Keresa had a horrible headache that wiped her out Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So I took Sydney to church alone this week. When we had about 10 minutes left to finish Sacrament meeting, she put her little purse on her shoulder and whispered to me, "I'll be right back." It cracked me up.
Also while Keresa was sick on Monday, Syd and I played in the backyard for a while. She stood on the sprinkler box and said, "Daddy, this my scale. I weigh twenty-seven." Then she sat on a sprinkler and pretended to go to the bathroom. She is pretty creative.
Jackson turned six months. It is amazing how it seems like he has been here for a long time, but also how it seems like we just got him too. We are both glad he is past the infant stage. It is much more fun to play with him now. He is always laughing and smiling.
What if the reunion this year is Matt's wedding? We should correlate and all stay in the same hotel and Nick & Becca show us some cool hike or other thing we might do together. Is there a water park there? Is there a fun thing we can do with the kids? You Arizona kids please let the rest of us know if there is anything like that in Mesa and the surrounding area.
We are really on pins and needles until we know where law school will take us. We figure we will have received all our acceptances and denials by May 1st. Just to add some excitement to the wait, Appalachia U called us up to ask why we hadn't accepted their offer, especially since they had a full tuition scholarship waiting for us. I can tell the next few days will be interesting. We will let you all know.