Monday, October 1, 2007

October update

Wheres Waldo, I mean Sydney
Spiderman Cake!
Eat lots of salad to grow big and strong.

The boy can walk! Jackson finally started walking. I guess it just took him turning 1. Since turning 1 a couple days ago, he has really become a little man instead of a baby. He can walk, he pays attention and responds in conversation, and a lot of other fun personality things.
Jackson's birthday came and went. It was a fun Spiderman bash. He got a Spiderman cake, Spiderman ball, and a Spiderman doll. He also got some hand puppets. They have those at our nursery and he really likes them. Also he received gifts and cards from his grandparents. Sydney was as excited as he was. She opened a card for him (when we weren't paying attention) and shouted, "Jackson got a card! And he likes it!" Then she handed it over and went for another present, but we stopped her. Jackson learned how to hold up one finger when we ask him how old he is.
After the birthday there wasn't a lot of time to play with presents before bed, so we went to bed without cleaning up the fun from the front room. The next morning when Keresa brought Jackson out, he saw all the presents and mess and fun to play in and he got an excited look on his face and held up his finger as if to say, "I'm one! And these are my presents! And I want to play with them!"
We went for a drive and Sydney had us pull over to pick a leaf off a tree. It was a really big leaf. Bigger than a beach towel.
The other day when Sydney was acting up, Keresa asked her if she would like to have a spank on her butt (she usually says bum, but she was getting pretty upset with Sydney, so instead she said butt). Sydney noticed the new word, and with her head cocked and in an interested voice said, "butt? My butt? Butt. You going to spank my butt. Hmm, butt?" over and over so many things that it made Keresa start laughing and she had to send Sydney to me to receive the spank.
Keresa had a stake meeting in September for RS, so we thought we would make a day of it and bring the whole family. It was a 2 and a half hour drive to get to our stake center. When we got there, there was a nursery, so I went in there with the kids. The ladies in charge looked at me with disgust and said dads could wait out in the foyer for the meetings to end. So I walked out there to see a few other disoriented and bewildered dads. But before long we were all settled into the couches with our laptops or Harry Potter books, doing things that dads do.
As much as I thought Grundy Virginia might not impact me, it has already left its mark on me. A mark I will carry forever. A mark about 7 inches long with 9 little pinhole marks on either side of it. That's right my appendix burst, is out, and I am fully recovered. Even more amazing than surviving a ruptured appendix is that I survived missing a week and a half of school. I am finally 100% caught up with that too. And just in time I might add. We had our first big paper due this weekend. It was a fun assignment: the teacher gave us a potential hypothetical client, then gave us 4 cases and 4 laws and told us to apply them to the hypo and write a memo advising whether we should take the case or not. It was hard, but fun.
I had a test today, a midterm. After the test a kid asked me how I thought I did on it. I told him I thought I did okay, but that I almost missed the essay on the back. He freaked! Ha Ha SUCKA!! That sort of trick is way funnier in this uptight law school atmosphere!
Other than that, life as usual.