Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February. Come and Gone.

The months FLY by.  It blows me away.
This month we celebrated our 6th month with this little sweetie!

Ooooh, he's so sweet!

We also went and check out the farmers market at Tivoli Village near our old house.
We hit up a balloon artist.

That same morning McKay took us to a little cafe he discovered.
We decided that taking our (not so) little family out to breakfast is SO much better than dinner.  
Everyone is fresh and rested and we were all actually able to enjoy our food with no melt downs.
They had about 12 different flavors of bagels along with 10 or so flavored cream cheeses.  
Very delicious!  

We were invited to a birthday party for the little girl of one of the attorneys that McKay works with.
Jumpy house.
Face painting.
Balloon artist (twice in a month!!).
Great food.
Fun times.

We found this beauty in the kid church bag on Sunday.  McKay and I both busted up laughing when we saw it.
A little creepy? Ya.
Nice one Sydney.  Haha.

You can only imagine Sydney's excitement when we ran into this guy at the mall!

Sunday afternoon shadow puppets.

On Presidents Day me and the kids met up with a couple of my sisters and some friends to ride horses.  
They belong to a couple in our ward.
We stayed in the arena since there were so many of us.  It was fun, but I think next time we'll leave the kids home and go for a real ride!

Sadly, Sydney took a spill and ended up with bruised back and mouth full of dirt.  
I helped her get back on to finish her turn and I'm hoping she's not scarred for life...like her Dad. ;-)
Happy March!