Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whitney Reunion 2010 - San Diego California

Trips to California are never long enough.  Period.  I could stay there for weeks and be perfectly happy.  Sadly, we only got to stay for 4 days, but we made the most of it and loved every second. 

We woke up early, early and put the kids straight into the car.  We stopped at the state line for the sweet $3.99 breakfast...how can you pass that?

Right away we found a park and played and played.  The sand was beach sand and after just a few minutes of swinging and sliding all the kids wanted to do was play in the sand....so we let them until everyone was too hungry to play any longer. 

As you can see from the jackets, it was cold in San Diego this year.  The high each day was 65 and it was cloudy and windy everyday, but that didn't stop us.  We spent 3 days on the beach and had a blast.  The first day we were all in swim suits, and by the third day we were in jeans and jackets....hey, whatever it takes to spend time on the beach!  The kids never complained about the cold (they left that to me) they played nonstop in the water and sand.  Even Carter got a little taste of it all...

Sad for him (happy for me) he only got a few minutes of sand on the first day.  Every day after that was spent safely in the middle of our beach sheet....free from the messy sand.  He took his 3 hour nap each afternoon with no problem...what baby wouldn't love to sleep to the sound of the waves lapping up on the shore??

He even got his first taste of candy...licorice, and of course he loved it.

Here are the kids playing...

Me, freezing.

McKay, keeping warm.

One of the nights we got to roast hot dogs on the beach...very fun.

Sydney spent lots of time with the older girl cousins.  It was so funny to watch her act like them...crossing her legs and laughing at things they said.  I wish I had some better pictures or a video to show her when she was with them....it gave me a glimpse of her in 5 years.

Another night we had pizza at huge park across the street from our hotel.  Here's McKay with his dad and Carter.

Me hangin' with some of the fam.
Carter and his cousin Oliver.

McKay helping Jackson with his hurt toe...poor Jackson.

On the last night we had a surprise birthday party at Benihana for McKay's Dad's 60th birthday.  I only got a picture of the kids as we were walking out, but it was a blast and pretty crazy with our party of 37 people!! 

And lastly, what's a family reunion without a big family picture?? 
We had such a great time visiting with all our Whitney family.  We don't get to see most of them nearly enough, so the few days spent together are really special.  Great job putting together a wonderful reunion Martha!!  See you all next year!  ;-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Have I mentioned...

...that I love Summer?  Now, don't get me wrong, I hate the 115 degree weather, but I love finding fun things to do with my kids.  We've been to the mall several times, McDonald's play place (just to play...the one by us is SUPER nice), walked around Target millions of times, and in the last couple of weeks we've been swimming lots.  We have free tickets to the Discovery Museum and we'll be going there sometime soon, too.  It's just been so fun playing all day with the kids.  What will I do in August when Sydney starts school and we actually have to stick to a schedule??  Well, for now we'll just enjoy being able to do whatever we want.  ;-)

For family night (we try to spend every Monday night, aka Family Night, home together with a little lesson and activity) the kids have really been into making things....especially when they get to eat them when they're done.  A few weeks ago we made sugar cube temples....and yes, they even got to crunch on a couple sugar cubes.

And this week we made cotton candy sheep.  Haha...they turned out...interesting, but the kids loved eating them up.  Activity and dessert all in one...nice!

Every Summer in Las Vegas they do a thing called "Summer Family Film Festival".  A few theaters across the city have FREE movies every Tuesday and Wednesday morning for all those crazy enough to venture out to a theater packed with hundreds of kids and other crazy Moms.  We went on Wednesday and got there nice and early to get seats and it was really fun.  This is where we'll be spending the next several Wednesdays...in a nice air conditioned theater with big comfy seats enjoying some good movies.

Next week we're headed to the beach for our Whitney Family Reunion!!  I can't wait to meet up with everyone and spend some time in the sun!