Friday, December 1, 2006

December update

Syd n Gramps playin blocks
Big red shoes Whitfam with four
Super swings at Gmpa Whit's in Logandale

So do Mom and Dad get a turn at planning the reunion or does it go right to Chris and Summer? It is confusing, I know, but we are back at the beginning again. Chris: Leahman Caves, Melanie: Circleville, Martha: California beach camping, Then was Matt: Casablanca, McKay: Flagstaff, then Becca because she got skipped by matt: Whitehorse lake near Williams. So now we should be back at either Mom and Dad or Chris and Summer right?
Over the weekend we went to play with Grandma and Grandpa Whitney. Grandpa played a game where he put individual toys up on the ceiling fan, then turned it on and let them go flying off. Sydney really enjoyed playing. After he was done (but she was not) Sydney said, "Play with Sydney!"
Matt and girlfriend came for Thanksgiving. It was fun to remember those days with Keresa, our courtship, as it were.
Last week we set up the Christmas Tree. Afterward, Keresa felt sick and lightheaded. I asked her if she thought she was pregnant, kind of for a joke (because Jackson is only 7 weeks old). Immediately she started crying and yelled at me to go buy a pregnancy test pronto. I got a double pack. The first one didn't work. So she stewed about it all night, had horrible dreams, then the next morning tried the second test, and found everything was normal - not pregnant.
A lady in our ward's grandpa died, and she said he had an organ. So we drove over and picked it up. It is a fun toy. It is very old, and has lots of rhythms and things on it. Sydney loves to climb up there and play it. It is nice for me because it gives me a chance to practice up on my hymns for church.
Jackson has begun to smile. This weekend we attended a baptism. During the service I was holding the baby Jackson, and the whole time I was just looking at him, and kissing him, and kind of playing with him. And he kept looking up and smiling. It is rewarding to have him smile.
Jackson is learning to make noises. Sure he has grunted since his birth, but now he can make noises to say he's excited or happy. He coos. He also smiles now.
Love, Mk, Keresa, Sydney, Jackson