Friday, September 1, 2006

September update

Welcome home Matthias!
swinging at the reunion in Whitehorse Lake, near Williams, AZ
kiss the lizard Syd
Glad to have Uncle Matt back!
Yo yo yo kids

In July we got to have a 4th of July party of cleaning out our junk room (most people have a junk drawer, we have a room) and making space for Sydney. She helped us move her closet items into the new room. Somehow, she knew the bunk beds were just for her, so when we were almost done, she pulled her bear and blankee out of her crib and put them onto her new bunk bed and climbed in. She has been sleeping there ever since! She does more and more grown up things all the time. It's just hard to think she is becoming a little girl.
Into the mid month Chris and Summer invited us up to Brianhead for a work vacation, that turned out to be mostly a vacation. They broke a lot of ground in their property in preparation for the cabin. It's called a cabin because it's in the mountains, but really It's a house I think. Chris used me most by sending me through the dense forest looking for a good path to run a string to mark his property boundaries. We had fun chain sawing and playing Bucheron. Summer hosted an excellent spread, complete with private casita for our family, and she made a primo dinner of meat and beans. Martha would have been proud.
We have been in a parenting class for a few weeks now that is a lot of fun as a date. Plus, Keresa's little sis has a steady baby sitting job with us that I think she rather appreciates. The class is called love and logic, and we would highly recommend its precepts to not only parents, but youth leaders, dentists who work with children, piano teachers, etc. It is a lot of the same kind of parenting that a counselor would use, so some of it is very familiar (because of our counselor dad).
In church on Sunday I reached over to whisper something to Keresa and Sydney looked up at me very seriously and quietly motioned her finger to her lips, "Shhh." She is in nursery now. It's very good for everyone. I'm sure you all remember sending babies to nursery and getting to go to your classes again. What a relief!
Sydney has been potty training. We got her some pee pee candy (skittles) that she gets to eat one each time she goes in the toilet. Of course it has been frustrating for Keresa with Syd not understanding about going in the place she is supposed to, but they are both surviving, and Syd seems like she is really making progress after a week. The first poop she did in the toilet is memorialized by photograph.
Saturday we did a boat load of chores. It seems like our first Saturday home after weeks of reunions and scout trips. It was nice to do so much. We even gutted the swamp cooler and began using it at night instead of the A/C. It cools us down to 70. (brrr)
I have also been selling my old school books on ebay. It was good that after all the shipping, ebay costs, etc. has been paid for, I am left with $170. I know I know, it is not enough to quit my job or anything, but it's a nice little bonus.
With love, mk kgw srw