Friday, January 29, 2010

3 of 'em!

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All About Carter.

This post is all about Carter. He's changing so much every day and it's hard to capture everything he's doing. I took him to his 2 month check up and the kid weighs 13 lbs. 12 oz.!!! He eats all day, sleeps all night, and is finally a happy baby!

He loves bath time!

He's discovered his thumb.

He's learning to sit in his Bumbo.

He "talks".

And he laughs!!


Last Saturday we had some warmer weather so we headed up the the helementary (as Sydney calls it) school to play on their field. We've had some heavy snow this year and it caused the backstop on the field to collapse...sad for the school, good for us! The kids climbed all over it and thought it was the coolest thing. They pretended it was a huge spider web.

This next picture is Jackson after he was eaten by a spider. He kept telling Sydney "You were just too late. They ate me." with this face on. He's so cute.

And here's a video of Dad showing the kids some real Spider Man moves. Gotta love that big kid!

Sydney's 5th Birthday

This year for Sydney's birthday I wasn't feeling up to the big preschool production that we've done for the kids in the past. I talked to Sydney a few weeks before her birthday and we decided that a nice at home family party would be just as fun. McKay took her to Walmart and let her pick out her own decorations which consisted of pink and red balloons, blue streamers, princess plates and napkins, Tinkerbell cups, and princess crowns. We also let her choose what she wanted for all her birthday meals.

We started off the morning with blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese.

After breakfast Sydney opened her few gifts from us. Her favorite was the cheap little magnifying glass from the optics section of K-Mart...something she asked for. Haha.

For lunch we ventured out to our favorite pizza place here in Grundy, Bellacinos. Lunch was just me and the kids...quite the feat! (Sorry no pictures)

That night when McKay got home we had biscuits and gravy for dinner. Our 5 year old is quite the southerner these days. ;-)

Sydney's cake was a princess crown. She had the hardest time deciding on what cake she wanted this year....but I think this one fits her well.

You can imagine the look on her face when McKay brought out the ice cream towering like this...

*Don't worry, most of these ice creams only had a couple scoops left in them...we're bad at that.*

After cake and ice cream we headed out to the movies. We saw "The Spy Next Door" and it was really cute. The kids laughed through the whole thing.

That was Sydney's big day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

5 Already??

That's right! Sydney is 5 today!
Here are a couple pictures of her birthday breakfast (blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese...her request). McKay and I decorated the house after she went to bed last night. Here's what she came out to this morning :

Getting ready for breakfast.

Princess Carter...and no, I'm not the one holding him...haha.

Happy Birthday, you big 5 year old!!

I'll post pictures of all the other birthday festivities once they happen... :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



What does this mean?

Just 3 months and 5 days left...WOW!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hair Pictures

Sydney decided to cooperate and let me take some pictures of her hair. Here they are!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sydney's Big News!!

Hi Everyone! I just thought I'd let you know that I got my hair cut! I was like totally nervous...but I love it! Thanks Andrea! My Mom says that I look older...well ya!...I am going to be 5 next week! Anyway, here are some pictures my mom took...
This is me right before she cut it.
When she showed me how much hair she cut off I was like "WHOA!!"
This was about half way through the cut...I was starting to get whiny.
Then Andrea blow dried my was WAY hot.
Then she flat ironed it. I feel pretty special because my mom bought a purple flat iron just for me!
So, ya, that's my news.
Yes, it's true. Sydney's hair is all gone. It looks so cute on her, but being her dramatic little 5 year old self I'm having a hard time getting a good picture of her with it cut. She loves how fast it is to wash and comb, and she flips it around and tucks it behind her ear like she's all grown up. Having it cut really has made her act older....take a look at this picture of her at the library yesterday. The picture doesn't really do it justice, but she was laying there swinging her legs like she's just too old for the "little kid" stuff. She eve tells Jackson "Well, sometimes things are hard for little kids...but I'm a big kid."
Thanks for cutting it for us Andrea, you did a great job!
And here are a couple pictures of the kiddos.

Monday, January 11, 2010


The Internet was down for a few days and wasn't going to be fixed until Wednesday, but surprise, it was back on this morning! So, scroll down for 3 new posts!

8 Weeks!

Today is Carter's 8 week birthday! I won't lie, it's been a hard 8 weeks, but visits to and from family has really helped. Jackson got sick with the flu one week after Carter was born and we are still battling sickness in our house, 7 weeks later. Carter is a HUNGRY baby and we learned early on that nursing wasn't enough. We've had to supplement with formula and I think we're finally getting things figured out. He's happy when he's full, he's just never full! So, yes, it's been hard, but I love him just the same. McKay has been a real life saver, too. He does more than his fair share of helping. He can tell when I'm at the end of my rope and is happy to step in as mom.
Anyway, onto a more positive note...CARTER SMILES, and COOs, and "TALKS". I love baby noises, and although he's been doing this for a few weeks, I just finally got some of it on camera. So, enjoy! And happy 8 weeks Carter!

Christmas 2009

We encountered some very cold weather on our way to Las Vegas. Here's a picture of the kids in front of Burger King in Colorado. Check out the snow on the table behind them!!

Luckily the weather in Las Vegas was beautiful! We got there just as the leaves were falling off the trees. McKay got the leaf blower out and blew all the leaves onto the trampoline for the kids to play in. They had so much fun!

Jackson, Sydney, and Conner.

On Christmas Eve we headed over to my Aunt's house for our annual Christmas Eve Party where the kids acted out the Nativity. Sydney was the angel, Jackson a wise man, and Carter was Baby Jesus. (He didn't stay wrapped in his swaddling clothes very well).

Next was Christmas morning. Here are the kids waiting on the stairs for all their sleepy aunts and uncles to get out of bed to see what Santa brought.

From Santa the kids got dress ups!

After playing with their Santa stuff we had our traditional Ham Souffle breakfast. The sun was shining through the window just right that the kids needed hats...they didn't mind! Haha.

After we ate breakfast we opened presents from under the tree. We were all spoiled from Grandma and Grandpa, friends, and relatives. I didn't get any good pictures of the kids opening gifts, but they had so much fun and loved everything.
And here's a cute picture of my mom and Carter.

We had a great Christmas and a really fun vacation. Thanks everyone who helped us with our crazy kids and crying baby!! We love you all.

Carter's Blessing Day

We decided to bless Carter while we were in the West for Christmas break. We were able to gather almost all of McKay's family in Tucson, AZ so we decided to head there for the blessing. Amazingly all of my family (minus Sherri who was just finishing things up in VA) were also able to make the trip there for the blessing! We had quite the crowd...and SO much fun. We crashed McKay's sister, Becca's house and the kids had so much fun playing with all their cousins for a few days. McKay gave Carter a wonderful blessing, and it was so nice to have all the family there with us.
We played outside...
Went four wheeling...
Played with cousins...

Ate....A LOT!...

Had a campfire...and froze...

Then had the blessing!

4 generations.
3 generations.

My family.

A handful of cousins.
Carter and his "twin cousin" Oliver.