Thursday, September 1, 2005

September update

We have had a blast in August, with the reunion of course, also we got 2 weeks of break time from school. This led to a lot of time with renting movies from the library, swimming in the backyard, and doing fun things like rollerblading in the park, walking around in the mall, and cooking delicious treats. We were preparing for the fall semester in which mk is gone from early morning to midnight, well, almost. School will be taking its toll on quality time this semester, so we have asked the other counselors in YM to be in charge of mutual activities for a while.
Last weekend we went to Spanish Fork for a surprise visit to Andy and Mel. We were the ones who received the surprise, they were out of town! So we drove around Provo, met up with some of Keresa's cousins, went to the mall, etc. We had a blast looking at the million square foot homes priced right around $80k. We figured we might as well sell our shack here in Las Vegas and with the winnings, move to Spanish fork and live like royalty! Ok maybe its not that different of prices. The Atwoods finally got home Saturday afternoon and watched a movie with the Whitneys. Then mk and Andy took a trip down to the dental office to check things out in mk's wacky mouth. Melanie treated us to delicious crepes Sunday morning before the departure, then it was goodbye and down the road. We called mom and dad and of course, on Sunday, you have to leave a message with their answering service ;). So we told them we would be passing by on our way home around 4:00 or 4:30 and if we didn't hear from them we would just drive along by. As soon as we climbed the hill out of Moapa, guess who called? Mom! We missed by moments being able to get another free meal out of our trip (of course we could have turned around, but Keresa was asleep and Sydney was getting tired of being in the car, so mk decided to carry on).
Sydney is growing fast and learning new tricks, like crawling backwards (will she ever crawl forward?). Keresa is keeping busy with work at home, and making instant meals for her 2 babies: mashed carrots, green beans, apples, or sweet potatoes for Sydney, and frozen spaghetti, mashed potatoes, or stir fry for mk. With our busy schedule, it seems like she spends all weekend cooking and storing food so Sydney and mk can spend all week eating meals on the go-- Thanks Supermom!
Love, mk, kgw, srw