Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Stuff

Our hot days have been filled with lots and lots of swimming. The kids love to play and I love to cool off. It's fun to watch the kids and remember how much I LOVED swimming as a kid.
Then this past weekend we went to Carlsbad for our Whitney reunion. We spent two days at the beach, ate at yummy restaurants, visited with family, enjoyed the 75 degree weather, and had a blast. As we were driving home we watched the thermometer climb to 113 degrees...SICK! Why do we live in Vegas again?!

On our last night in Carlsbad we went to Benihana with McKay's brother Chris and his family. The kids loved the cooking show and the company was great.

Fun times!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What do you think?

I'm always interested to hear what other people think this baby will be. Maybe it's because I really have no idea what it will be this time around. With Sydney I knew it was a girl. With Jackson I hoped it would be another girl....but deep down I knew it was a boy. With this one....I have no clue. So, put in a vote on my poll...boy or girl? The true results will be in soon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When we are in Virginia and my days are long and uneventful I find lots of time (sometimes too much) to sit and play on the Internet. During this time I do lots of blogging. Since we've been in Las Vegas I'm happy to report that we've been busy. Busy swimming, traveling, chatting, playing, eating, etc., etc., etc. It's been wonderful! Sadly my blog has suffered as well as my picture taking. It seems like we've done so much yet I have very few pictures to show for it. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our last few weeks.
Over Memorial Day weekend we took a trip up to our cabin on Kolob Mountain.
The kids LOVED being outside all day long. Here are Sydney and her cousin Conner collecting sticks for our evening fire.

Uncle Josh found a horny toad for the kids to play with.

McKay and Josh at Lava Point.

Jackson taking a turn with the binoculars.

Whitneys and Carpenters (including Day-Z the dog)

Jackson collecting wild flowers for Grandma.
This next picture is a dessert at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants Lindo Michoacan. The dessert is called "flamado" (or something like that)...and it comes to your table on fire. I was out with some girl friends and ordered this in honor of McKay (he'll go on and on telling people about how cool it is). Anyway, I guess the way they make it burn is by pouring some sort of alcohol on the plate. I must have blown the fire out prematurely because my first bite burned my mouth, and not because it was hot. Being pregnant and paranoid, that was my first and last bite of the alcoholic dessert. Ha!

We've been swimming several times and each time I get to the pool and want to take a picture of the kids but realized my camera is in my purse, not the swim bag...darn. So, here's a picture on the way home after swimming. This is how we all feel after our fun filled days in Vegas. Ahhh.

In Review

We made it to the West just fine and were greeted by a pleasant dinner date in Logandale with Chris's fam, Dustin's fam, Matt's fam, and Gma Gpa Whit. What a fun evening that was.

I started the summer working for Southern Nevada Legal Aid because I didn't get any offers from all the resumes I sent out. But after my first day of work there, I got a call back from one of my resumes that I really wanted, and he offered me a job for the summer. I took it and have been with him for a few weeks. Its mo money, fun folks, and Spanish. What else could an up and coming lawyer ask for? ;)

A couple weeks before we left VA, our white car was making a whine and shifting hard. We had a little fix in VA, then the whining and check engine light came on again somewhere around Kentucky. Then in LV, felt like we missed 2nd gear. So the dealer shop told us they would look at it. They returned it saying there was nothing wrong with it. So we said, "Okay, can we trade it in for a new car then?" So they took it off our hands and gave us more for it than we had prepared for from looking at blue book and other dealers. So we have a different car now.

KGW is 17 weeks prego, had an appt today, all is bueno, and in 4 more weeks she will get the ultra sound to tell what is in there. So far I am the only one with the weird cravings. And Jackson. And Sydney.

We went to Disneyland right away when we got to the West. The kids loved it. It wasn't too hot outside, and we rode all the rides without waiting in line. It was nice. We found out Macaroni Grill in So Cal is cheaper than the IHOP across the street from Disneyland, and IHOP even said kids eat free!

For the whole time we've been in Virginia, neither child has been sick for longer than a day. They'll get a fever, runny nose, whatever, but the next day they are just fine. But since we have gotten to the West, they have taken turns being very sick. Finally it seems like they are both over their ear infections, flu symptoms, amoxicillin rash, stuffy nose, runny nose, general whininess, etc.

The missionaries in VA told us they would miss us because they would transfer away before we came back. So I told them they could be cool and say peace instead of goodbye, but they were missionaries so they would have to disguise it in a churchly sounding saying. So they decided on "Peace be unto you."

We want to go to the beach but can't find a good excuse...oh wait, the Whitney reunion! Funners!

Sydney got a new doll from Gma Gifford. She named it Emileah. Sydney said that one day she would have a baby in her uterus, and when it's born, she would teach it about Jesus.

Jackson said he had a dream about spiders. They would crawl all over him, and their legs tickled him so bad that he woke up laughing.

Peace be unto ya'll,