Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August update

Virginia Beach BABY!Jump AND point to self
da boys
Full for the first time ever

Over the last few days, Sydney has been singing one song that has had us worried. There is a part in the song where she says, "Oh my God..." then continues on. Keresa and I always look at each other kind of asking what we should do about it, and she sings on with more words that we can't understand. Well finally she finished the song and we heard, "Teach me all that I must do... to live with him some day." Of course! So we just taught her how to sing the first part correctly. "I am a child of God..."
Jackson got his haircut before church today. This makes "haircut number two" for his life so far. He is standing up to everything in sight. It seems like he will walk on his own any day now. He likes to walk around with me holding one hand and Sydney holding his other hand. He is pretty shaky still. He is also understanding and responding to more English. He says his own version of Uh-oh when he drops stuff, he plays lots of games, even initiates them -- games like peek-a-boo, and if we ever sneak up on him, he crawls away as fast and excitedly as he can.
We ventured over to Williamsburg and went to a sweet water park with a big wet jungle gym. There is a huge 1,000 gallon bucket on top that fills up and tips over every ten minutes or so. Sydney said later, "Dad, remember the big sippy cup that spilled and got water on me?"
We also spent time at Virginia Beach. You gotta love that warm Atlantic Ocean.