Monday, January 1, 2007

January update

BB Jakn
BB Sydney
BB Banshee

Sydney, the other day when we were pulling up to the grocery store, she looked around and told her mom and me, "Albertson's. Shopping." Then later that same day we were stopped at a stop light where there is a McDonald's within sight, and similarly she let us know that we were next to the, "McDonald's. Hamburger." She thinks she is Jackson's mom. She walks quietly up to him and says, "Hi little guy. Doo doo goo boo doo."
Jackson only fit #2 diapers for one box worth, then onto the next. He may have that same super-growth gene that Bronson has. So just in case next time you see our family it looks like Sydney has a big brother instead of a little brother, it's Jackson.
We got to have a New Year's Eve bash with Chris and Summer and their kids. Grandpa and Grandma Whit showed up for a few hours of fun, but were scared off when Chris and Summer pulled out their new Christmas presents-- paintball guns! Let's just say they were wise to have left before there were any shots fired.