Thursday, April 30, 2009

Camera Clean Up

I'm pretty good about blogging after a big outing or event, but I often look through my camera and find cute random shots taken throughout the week. Here are a few things I found this time.

First is the "Scary Bridge Park". This is a park about a 1/2 mile from our house. The only way to the park is across the scary bridge.

I'm not sure who was more scared....Sydney or Sherri?

McKay called me back to the kids' room the other day to see what Jackson put together. Here he is on his computer writing an email to Daisy (Kelly's dog). Pretty creative huh?

Sydney came with me to my Dr.'s appointment this week so we left a little early to eat lunch together. Here she is looking cute in her crown and sunglasses.

Then she asked to take a picture of here ya go.

And last are some pictures and a video from Sydney's preschool graduation practice. We won't be here for the actual graduation, so we went and watched their rehearsal instead. Each kid had their own little part and they learned lots of songs to sing too. It was really cute.

Sydney walking down the isle to Pomp and Circumstance. She asked McKay afterwards "Did you like the Star Wars song we walked to?"

Sydney saying one of her parts in the program.

And getting her diploma. She sure has loved preschool this year and although she'll be going again next year it was a fun little graduation.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Weeks and Counting

I hit my 10 week mark on Saturday and went in today for an ultrasound. Boy was I happy to see a baby in there. ;-) The pictures they printed out for me were very poor quality and I'm afraid I'm the only one who can stand to look at them, but here are some images I found online that look like our little one. The baby was moving around like crazy and everything measured right on schedule. My official due date is November 21st, but since it will be c-section we're looking around November 12th...does that date sound familiar Dad? My sickness has lightened up a little bit and will hopefully be gone as I finish up this first trimester. Life is good and we'll be headed for Vegas in three days which makes it even better!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sydney's first Primary Talk

I bet you're wondering what it is she's "reading" on the back of that picture..? Well here you have it. The second drawing is my best shot at drawing a baby. Sad, I know. I'll be the first to admit I have NO artistic abilities.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Easter Easter

Easter started off with the Preschool Easter Party. Jackson was invited to participate and Sydney acted as his little mom making sure he found plenty of eggs.

Any time I get my camera out at the Preschool this little girl jumps in and says "Take a picture of me too!" So, here is the little girl, Jackson, and Sydney.
Later in the week we dyed Easter Eggs. Luckily the kids were content with playing with the stickers that came in the kit so I was able to keep the mess to a minimum. I'm sure one of these years they'll catch on to me.

During the week we had a day of Spring-ish weather. Just a few days before it was snowing, so we took advantage of the sunshine and went to the park.

Saturday was our Branch Easter Activity. We had 8 kids show up...phew!

Jackson with his findings.

And Sydney with hers.

My mom sent a package a couple weeks ago with Easter Outfits for the kids. Sydney loved her "princess" dress and on the way to church she said "Mommy, everyone at church will be so worried that you forgot Sydney and only brought Sister Cinderella to church with you." I've taught her to say thank you when someone says she's cute, or looks nice, but on Sunday her response was, "I know, it's cuz I'm wearing my Cinderella Dress!"

It was a fun week.
Happy Easter!