Thursday, May 1, 2008

May update

Game night at Chris & Summer's

Keresa now has a picture of Jackson on her desktop background of her computer. Sometimes he'll walk up behind her and when she minimizes a window, he'll say peek-a-boo. So they play computer peek-a-boo now for a while.
This month on EBay we got some special nasty tasting nail polish for curbing nail biting. Our intent was to paint it on Sydney's thumbs so she would stop sucking them at night. It seems better than the traditional entire-thumb paint because this stuff lasts a few days, regardless of whether the kid can hurry and lick it all off, or wash it off by washing their hands, because it is paint, not just some syrup stuff. So we put it on her thumbs. The first night, she came into our room and said, "Eeww mommy I have yucky yucky bubble mouth!" Keresa told her to get a drink. She said that she already had tried that and it was still so yucky.
Sydney and I had a date yesterday evening. We ate pizza, then washed my truck, then played outside for a few hours. When we came in, she told me that we should have dessert. So I suggested Gatorade. She said, no, that�s not dessert. I suggested pancakes. She laughed, "No, Dad, that's just food. I want dessert." So I asked what was her suggestion. She walked over to a drawer and pulled out her cooking apron. As she was tying it on, she said, "I'll make some scones." I told her only Mom knew how to make those, but I would settle for some graham crackers. She agreed. We sat at the table and ate them. I made her a graham cracker sandwich with frosting in the middle. A little of the frosting dripped out onto the side, then onto her hand. She got all paranoid and whiny about it, so I told her to just lick it off. She kind of whined that she couldn't because it was, ��on my thumb with the yucky nail polish!"
Jackson is confused about whether nodding the head means yes, and shaking it back and forth means no. He was walking behind Keresa while she was taking dishes of food from the kitchen to the table saying, "Bite please, Bite please!" So she turned around and asked him if he would like a bite. He responded by shaking his head side to side. On another occasion, she had him in the doctor's office waiting room, and a lady said, "Are you a good boy?" and he shook his head back and forth. We are trying to encourage his English because his sign language is not too reliable.
Keresa is pretty busy making preparations for moving. By the end of law school, I'm sure we will be expert movers! One of her sisters sent Sydney a paper chain that she could tear one link off every day until it was time to go to Las Vegas. I'm not sure who is more excited to count the links and associate that to the number of days left in Grundy: Sydney or Keresa.