Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May update

18 Bonnie Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89110
Our first house will soon be someone else's
glasses help reading right?
shirt soaked with drool
peek a boo at Whitney Pockets
Syd kid bungee jumping at Clark County Fair
in the trailer at Whitney Pockets

Well we don't have anything exciting like kids with broken arms. . .
April brought the Fair, and we spent an afternoon looking at animals, eating fried stuff, and Sydney even tried the bungee trampoline.
Sydney has learned to say a lot of things. The other day she had a snotty nose and she asked Keresa for a "TISH-me." She also listens all the time then asks, "What is that noise Mommy? (Daddy)"
We have been attending a number of high school volley ball games to watch Keresa's little brother. The players often wipe the sweat from their brows, then wipe it on the bottoms of their shoes. The idea is it rinses the dust from their shoes and they have a little moisture to aid in their ability to grip the floor. Sydney has been trying to jump really high, and Keresa found her wiping the bottoms of her feet like the players as she jumped.
Jackson is trying to learn to crawl, but so far he is not getting far. He has gotten up on his all fours and rocked back and forth, but that is about it. He is a happy little guy as long as we keep him full of food.
We set up the pool a couple weeks ago and left it to warm up in this sunny season. We swam on Saturday and it is still a little chilly, but our kids appreciated a fun dip with their parents.
We will be moving to Virginia this summer to prepare for law school in Grundy at the Appalachian School of Law. We are planning to use a moving service that parks a semi-trailer in front of your house, you load it up, then they come pick it up and you meet them at your new house. We figure we will order the trailer a couple days before we leave for Mesa for Matt's wedding, then attend the wedding, then drive on the Virginia to meet the moving van.
To relax from all the application and waiting, we are planning a trip to San Diego for a couple days. We will relax, come home and pack our stuff, then we will be outta here!