Friday, July 1, 2005

July update

Sydney Speaks
Well my parents have sure been busy. Mom is always doing stuff for me, like changing my diaper, helping me take a bath, etc. Probably the funnest thing we did this month was to make a fathers day card for dad. Mom helped me cut out silhouettes of my hand and put them around a circle like flower petals, then in the middle of the circle was a picture of me, then down the stem of the flower there were cut out silhouettes of my feet for the leaves. Dad really liked it. I am growing everyday and learning more and more tricks. Now I can laugh, make faces, spit, all kinds of stuff. I even sit up on my own for 30 seconds! Halfway through the month Aunt Becca came to visit me and mom while dad was taking the youth to the Manti Pageant. It was fun. My cousin Stellie had a pancake eating contest with me, she won. Mom still does legal work at home so she can play with me, dad still goes to school all the time. I miss him because he is always gone with school or work or church stuff, but when he comes home he sometimes sneaks in my room and looks at me while he thinks I am sleeping. Mom talked about getting a little swimming pool for our house that would be 18 feet circle and 4 feet deep, but it turned out to be triple the price she thought, so we didn't get it. Instead I got a pet beta fish! His name is snorkel. Dad's garden is nice. He even picked some squash this week. I would like it better if he could grow yummy things instead of squash. He said some of the plants out there are cantaloupe and I will really like them, but they haven't grown anything besides just leaves yet.
See you all later,
Sydney Rae Whitney