Thursday, June 1, 2006

June update

MK -- UNLV Class of 2006
grad party at MacCayo's
Grad party at Ice Rink
Pretty excited to get a boy!
Wait, Keresa already has two kids?
Shirt of my alma mater

Graduation feels a lot like retirement. I have so much time now. I get to catch up with my girls. It is very relaxing.
LV temple holds early sessions 3x per week. Those are nice because I can go before work, before the girls wake up, and make it through the whole session without getting heavy eyelids. Last week I did an early day. Then Dad called me in the afternoon and asked me to spot him and Mom who had a sealing assignment but were sick with headaches. Keresa asked me if I remembered what happened when pregnant ladies do sealings (they faint). So I went solo and met up with the Logandale stake folks.
Keresa and I are finding out that Sydney understands most of the things we say. She may also be dyslexic. She says diaper as "pye-der" and zebra as "bree-zha." Hopefully we can get her to switch those syllables around.
Sydney has tried to just whine and point to stuff, but we are making her say things instead of whine. One of the things she has picked up is that Keresa asked her, "You want me to help you?" when reaching for a cracker. So she started saying, "Help you?" when she wants help with something.
Keresa is having a great time creating ideas to switch Sydney's room into a suitable boy nursery. She has picked out new colors, paint, bedding, etc. And now, I actually have time to help her do that stuff!
Other than that, things are just warming up around here. Looking forward to those hot Vegas temperatures!
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