Saturday, April 1, 2006

April update

3 generations of Banshee lovin Whitney women!
Logandale's "little mesa" or Jumpback
Sure do like my new Banshee! (2003 limited edition)
as long as Mom doesn't fall asleep too...

Sydney is surprising us with all the funny things she does. She is learning lots of "words"(thank you sounds like "deed-doo"). Her new funnest game for Dad is chasing her around the house, and she runs away excited/frightened that I will catch her. She can hardly stand it when she hears me getting near her and yells out with excitement.
Keresa's pregnancy is coming along without any problems. She is feeling as healthy and energetic as always.
Our anniversary happened in March, so Keresa planned a surprise date. We went to a restaurant referred by Keresa's family called Hash House-a-Go-Go. It's kind of creepy, like some ride at Disney land with all the themes and decorations, and there is weird farmish music. The relative recommending the place told us it was "farm food, but twisted," whatever that means. When we got there, their sign said Hash House-a-Go-Go-Twisted Farm Food. Original review eh? There were only 8 or 10 items on the menu. They were things like steak, ribs, fish, chicken, pot pie, etc. The food came out on these giant plates that were way oversized. The entree had a huge pile of mashed potatoes to the side and weird non-edible plants thrown over it- like shredded up corn husks, a stick off a sage brush, other weird things. So we ate. Probably we won't go there anymore.
The next item on the anniversary agenda was also a surprise. Keresa had me put my seat all the way back and close my eyes while she drove us to the place of our next destination. We drove around and she made many turns to confuse my senses so I wouldn't know where we were. Finally she admitted the turns were to confuse me, but she was a little lost and would need my help to find the surprise. We finally landed at the Venetian hotel, whose show right now happens to be Blue Man Group! We thoroughly enjoyed that.
We also found time this month to visit Logandale and ride around with Chris and Summer and their kids. Grandma and Grandpa hosted us and provided a nice spread as usual: more hamburgers than a wedding party could eat and 4 or 5 choices of crackers or chips, and of course orange juice.
We are looking forward to the reunion. We'll be seeing you all.
Love, Mk kgw srw