Thursday, November 1, 2007

November update

Pop! goes the Jack-O

Lots of 'em

I was in the kitchen cooking and I heard Jackson let out a yelp/scream in the other room, then Sydney came running into me. I didn't really look at her or question her regarding Jackson, because she had run in all out of breath and I wanted to let her relax a bit. She stopped and kind of had her hands behind her back. While stirring the pot on the stove, I asked, "How you doin?" she said fine. I asked her what Jackson was doing. She said, "Well he's probably sad right now." I asked her why she thought that. She said, "Because he wants this bear." And she revealed a teddy bear she had been hiding behind her back.
We went trunk or treating at our branch meeting house and the senior missionary couple was giving out Capri suns instead of candy. So I took Jackson, and Sydney went by herself. I didn't notice if Sydney made it to the senior missionaries' car or not, so I asked her if she got a juice in her trick or treat. She looked in her bag and said no, so I told her where to find one. She went over and they dropped a juice in her bag. She squealed and giggled, "Oh fank you fank you! Dad I got a juice! I got a juice! He he ha ha he ha!" I guess everyone in our branch thinks we give our kids candy all the time, but don't let them drink juice. Whatever.
Sydney and Jackson were coloring. Then Jackson stood up like he was going to leave he grabbed two crayons and ran as fast as he could (which is pretty slow) then turned around when Sydney didn�t chase him. He gave kind of a sad look that his mischief didn�t aggravate her. Then he turned around and went back, put the crayons back in the box and went on to something else.
I had one midterm in one class during October. That teacher said she was doing us a "favor" by showing us what a law school final would be like. After it was over, I was standing in line to hand it in and the kid behind me asked how I felt about it. I told him I almost blew it because I almost missed that second essay on the back (there was no such thing). He wigged and ran out of line back into the testing center. SUCKA!
Other than that, life as usual.