Monday, August 31, 2009

August in Review

Sydney asked Keresa about aliens. She said they were kind of like monsters or ghosts. We just talk about them to feel kind of scary and excited, but really there's no such thing. Then Sydney said, "Ok, so there's no such thing as Indians?"

Jackson has been getting in trouble for saying 'bathroom words' when we aren't in the bathroom. We tell him he is only allowed to talk about that gross stuff when we are in the bathroom. Before we ever leave to go somewhere, Keresa tells the kids to go to the bathroom. He gave her a devious look and walked in the bathroom. Then he unleashed all the words he could think of, "PP!!!! POOP!!!! my BUM!!!!"

Keresa made chocolate chip cookies, but substituted part of the chocolate chips for chopped up Andes Mints. The kids said, "Yummy Mom! These taste like toothpaste!" I thought it would be a good trick to tell people that we ran out of baking soda, but we had plenty of baking soda toothpaste, so we added it instead. Then watch their reaction. Keresa said I probably wouldn't be able to do that.

Sydney has been having nightmares. So she has started saying things like this in her prayers at night, "Bless me to have good dreams, like birthday parties, pizza, going to the library, playing with lots of little doggies..."

Jackson suddenly has an Appalachian dialect. He has been saying things like "I will put on my pay-ants. I don't want to go to bay-ed. Will you push in my chay-air?"

Sydney's sentences get mixed up sometimes, and she gets really frustrated about it. She told us in the car, "What are going we to do toda--..." Then rolled her eyes at herself, then made a face like OMG my day is like totally ruined! Then started over, "What are WE going to DO today?" She also started saying 'like' alot. "Mom, like, I had, like, a dream. And it was, like, about a, like... Fish. And, well, it like..."

Baby 3 seems to be going fine. Keresa is starting to get sore hips, and I am starting to get a sore back. So yes, everything seems like it is moving along normally.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ready for Lessons?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh (baby) Boy!

I got to schedule my c-section today for
So, just 3 more months until our crazy family of 4 turn into an even crazier family of 5!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Father's Day Present

A little late, but maybe I can talk Sydney into saving all her babysitting money, and Jackson to save all his lawn mowing money so they can get me this next year:

(from popular science)

$3,500 will get you this ChefStack. Comes with pre-packaged batter. Just plug it in. Makes 200 pancakes per hour. That's 3 pancakes per minute. That's a pancake every 20 seconds. Can you say, where's the syrup? And I thought our printer was cool with its speed of 40ppm (pages per minute instead of pancakes per minute).


Oh ya... more thing!
After watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale last night
I also miss my

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The things I .....

having 2 cars
my dishwasher
my washer and dryer
my BED
my kids beds
my own room (well, a room with no kids sleeping on the floor beside the bed)
beautiful weather
lazy days
friends we've made

Jackson joining Sydney in Preschool (he's gonna LOVE it!)
Jackson's birthday
a new baby!
SCHOOL BEING OVER!!! (only 9 months to go!)
So...I've having a hard time believing that the Summer is over and it's time to go back to Virginia. I've had such a fun filled Summer and it's hard to say good bye to Las Vegas and all our family and friends. So, I had to remind myself that there are TONS of things that I love and miss about our home in Grundy. I made a list here so that in a couple months from now when I'm feeling tired of the day to day stuff I can remember the things I'm happy for. So, there you have it!


It's always refreshing to change up the blog.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July in Review

Here we are just a few days away from leaving Las Vegas. It has been a great summer vacation. We have been to Disneyland, Carlsbad's beaches, Kanab Utah's scenic mountains, Salt Lake, overnight fishing in Lake Mead, camping in the Searchlight Desert, and to the Whitney Ranch pool many many times! It's weird to think the first time we left to Virginia, Jackson could barely crawl. This time when we go back, he will start preschool and Sydney looks and acts more like a little girl now than a toddler. So in two more days we will drive for the last time accross the country to our Grundy Virginia home. We will return in a little less than a year and we'll be back for good!

A couple weeks ago Keresa asked Jackson her name. He said Keresa. For Dad's name he said Kah-may. Yesterday I asked him again, and he said for Mom, Keresa, and for Dad, his name is Honey.

I was eating some steak for breakfast. Jackson watched and when I was done, he ran and told his mom, "For breakfast Daddy ate mistake!"

In the book we read before bed the other night there is an owl whose house is in a tree. The kids were telling me what kinds of things must be in the owl house. Sydney said, "His owl couch, owl bed..." Jackson said, "Yeah, and his owl eye drops."

When they were driving me home from work, the kids told me all about their day. Jackson said, "And the baby had so much fun in Mommy's belly today! He was swimming all around and having SO MUCH FUN!"

Sydney said, "What is inside our heads?" Keresa said, "Our brains." Sydney said, "Then why do hairs grow out of Daddy's nose?"

Jackson and Keresa were talking about our trip to Lagoon. Jackson started arguing with her and said, "But I can't even say Lagoon... Oh wait, I said it!"

Keresa is feeling great. She is starting to feel a little sore by the end of the day, but other than that and the killer heat of Las Vegas, she is liking this pregnancy as much as a person CAN like a pregnancy.