Wednesday, March 1, 2006

March update

Sooooo hungry for a yellow Banshee!!!

Saturday I ran the sprinklers. Sydney thought it was pretty cool to stand on the edge of the patio and put her hand over the edge to let the sprinklers spray it. Then she put both hands out. Using both hands, she had no hand on the ground to balance her in the leaned over position that she was using, and she fell forward into the mud. Luckily she caught herself with both hands, so she didn't get full frontally mudded. However, in this elephant-walk position, her head was now right in the stream of water shooting from the sprinklers where her hands once were. She kind of gasped and shook her head back and forth as the sprinklers sprayed her head for a minute. I picked her up and set her back safely on the patio. Then she walked toward the sprinklers again...
We went to the store to get groceries. There was an amazing sale on the deli cookies that said 10/$1.00. So we got 10 boxes of cookies. At the cash register, the lady said ok guys, what's with the cookies. We told her and she told us that it was ten cookies for a dollar, 20 cookies per box, $2.00 per box of cookies. We said forget it.
Getting ready for church, we proceeded in the usual way: Keresa gets showered and dressed while I feed Sydney, then I get showered and dressed while Keresa dresses Sydney. Then Sydney roams around the house looking for something to do while Keresa does her hair and I finish tying my tie in the bathroom. Only 5 minutes until it was time to leave. I suddenly heard a splash and Sydney coughing/choking. I immediately pictured the large throw up that must have proceeded out of her mouth, but then thought how impossible for her to have that much liquid in her stomach. I peeked out into the bedroom to find that she had tried to get a drink out of mom's quart sized cup that was on the nightstand, and tipped it forward a little too far to dump water down her throat, dress, socks, shoes, everything. Keresa quickly put her in a new outfit so we could still leave on time.
Love, Mk kgw srw