Sunday, June 1, 2008

June update

Not a lot new this month. We live in a Vegas apartment. I'm working an internship for Clark County Legal Aid in their domestic violence unit. So if anyone is feeling a bit too happy and needs some depressing stories, let me know! There is a lot of child abuse, spousal abuse, etc. It makes me come home and play with the kids until they go to bed because I don't want them to be neglected by their dad like the kids in these cases.
Keresa's cousin teaches a swim lessons class, so she has been hauling the kids over there every day the last couple weeks. Those three are looking VERY TAN! She is really enjoying being close to family.
We got to attend a batman birthday party for Bronson. It was a lot of fun, and the way the Batman pin~ata was hanging, when the kids beat him enough, his body fell off and just his head was left hanging up there. It was cool.
Sydney said that she is a grand child. We asked her why she thought that. She said because she likes graham crackers so much, she must be a graham child!
Jackson is getting the same sense of humor as his dad. Keresa keeps her bobby pins in a bottle/jar that is a lot like a big film canister. Jackson walked up to her and tapped his bum while saying, "poo poo poo!" Then he stuck his hand in there. Keresa freaked (like any good mom would do when her toddler stuck his hand in his poopy diaper) and grabbed his arm so he wouldn't get you-know-what on everything. Then he smiled, pulled his hand out, and he was only holding the lid to that bobby pins bottle. That little trickster. MK KGW SRW JGW