Sunday, May 1, 2005

May update

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what are you thinking?

In case anyone hasn't been paying attention to their email over the last little while, here are some reunion plans:
On August 4 we can arrive at 12:00 noon, as everyone gets there, check in at the General Store so they can register your vehicle. Our party is called McKay, or Whitney, it's a little unclear... We are reserved for Aug4, aug5, and we have to be cleaned up and check out by Aug 6 at 11:00 am. I told her enough tent spots to cover each family having one tent, plus an extra 1 tent for the whole group incase some of your kids want to have a cousin-party tent or something. You would take exit 191 off I-40, then go up route 66 for a couple miles to get there. Here is their website I put their address from the website into and got a pretty good map.
So I am thinking that maybe Martha and Mel and figure out together how to set up the Birthday Bird or something like that for the reunion. I am too young to even remember what he did or why all the kids liked him so much, but maybe that can be a chore for mart and mel. For becca and Chris, I know you guys have Ice Cream machines and recipes, so maybe you guys can hook up and decide together to bring your homemade ice-cream stuff and either plug them in at the general store and make the goods, or if they are hand crankable, bring them with the necessary tools so we can make ice-cream sometime. Keresa and Grandma can get together on some kind of creativity activity like decorating shirts, cutting out paper, stringing pine cones, etc. By no means is anyone limited to these, feel free to break the boundaries set here and help each other with these assignments. If Summer thinks doing the ice cream is retarded and would rather be with grandma making shirts-- do it. If Martha used to be scared of the birthday bird, go to the ice cream committee. Just talk among each other to get your things figured out.
Some Changes For meals:
On your own Thursday lunch (probably some of you wont even get there until dinner time anyway.) Thursday Dinner: mk keresa Friday breakfast: Chris and Summer Friday lunch: Nick and Becca --maybe something that could be mobilized in case we want to do a hike and eat while we congregate right before the hike or right after the hike before we get back in the car or something? Friday Dinner: Grandma and Grandpa Friday Dessert: Andy and Melanie Saturday late Breakfast: Jeremy and Martha- I know its cliche to have Martha make breakfast, but its the only way I can ensure she doesn't make beans... You may remember we thought of Melanie doing a lunch Saturday, but incase people would rather just eat a late breakfast and go instead of sit around waiting because they feel obligated to eat mel's meal too, we feel like this is a better change. I don't think Martha will mind the pressure of a brunch instead of a breakfast-- that is her specialty outside of beans...
For supplies-- is it possible for everyone to send me an inventory of what you are planning to bring as far as shareable hardware so I can make a list and redistribute it to everyone? an example would be 12" dutch oven, or propane stove, etc. I think this will help us all plan our meals and keep from everyone bringing supplies when we could all bring a little less and still have everything we need. Remember-- for things like ice, eggs, etc, we have a general store right in our campsite. They will likely have things if we forget them.
P.S. Don't forget your swimsuits and fishing poles!
We also recently posted some new pictures of Sydney if anyone feels like they want to see her : Love, whitneys