Thursday, March 1, 2007

March update

Donald Duck sandwhich
"Maybe later, I'm eating..."
"...or gagging."

Chubby boy and cute boy--you decide who's who;)

A couple weeks ago, Keresa tried Jackson at spoon feeding. He didn't have the muscle control or understanding yet, and most of it dribbled down his chin. Over the last 2 or 3 days, she has tried again, and now he is a champ. That means we will be able to get more food in there, and he will grow much faster. At their recent Dr.'s appointment, the kids were only 5lbs different, although they are 20 months different. So watch out "big" sis, your little bro might soon outweigh you!
Sydney scored this month. We thought about getting her a little plastic slide for Christmas, but couldn't justify it with all the other things we wanted to get her more. But last week we received a call that there was one up for grabs on our street...People who don't know about DI just leave their stuff out for the neighbors, and if no neighbors take it, the garbage man does. I hurried to pick it up before work, and since then Sydney has been sliding it up in the backyard. She climbs up and slides down all the day long.
Sydney has impressed us by saying whole thoughts, and we realize that she has a memory. She will describe how "Yessa-day, Kensey (a nursery kid) poke my eye, like 'dis. Poke! Owie!"
Keresa got moved from MiaMaid advisor to the YW 2nd counselor, so she is in Beehives now. She was also assigned to make a DVD slideshow of our recent Mt Charleston Youth retreat. She did a great job and now sees visions of making slideshow DVDs for all occasions (reunions?)
Speaking of reunions, is there an assignment for anyone for this summer yet?
The rumors are true, I have applied to law schools and am waiting back for acceptances. I should start hearing in the first part of May. I applied to Las Vegas of course, then four other schools that are less competitive so I might have a few "sure bets" for acceptance this fall. Among those are Albuquerque NM, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.
We will keep everyone posted.