Monday, May 31, 2010

I don't think this is normal...

What do you think?
*about half way through the video I start getting some action with the nose you may want to stop watching at that point...haha*

Thanks, Sydney for being my camera man.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A couple months in review

Jakn said I need a newspaper. Mom said why. Jakn said to wipe my runny nose.

Syd saw one of my pants rip because I bent down wrong. I told her it was because of my huge muscles. The next day while I was getting ready she said, "Dad be careful of your muscles today because I don't want people to think 'hey look at that guy--he has a hole in his pants.' "

Jackson and Sydney were inside watching a bug crawling on the outside of the window. Jackson said, "He has a big crack on his butterfly!"

Jackson and I were playing kitchen and food. We made some pretend cake. I took a bite and said, "Mmm. Tastes like cake." Jackson took a bite and said, "Yeah, and tastes like air too."

During dinner we had to bribe Jackson with this: "First you have to take a few more bites of your spaghetti, then you can have more green beans." (Is it opposite day or something?)

Jackson said, "I love that movie Californiacate your Dragon." (how to train your dragon)

Jackson asked Sydney why we have to match our shoes. She said, "So you don't look funny I guess." Jackson thought and said, "Well my shoes look funny because they have stripes."

Jackson said, "I'm going to be a daddy pretty soon because look at all this hair happening on my arms."

Sydney said she was still hungry at the end of dinner. Jackson said, "Well sometimes our bellies think they are hungry but really they are just thirsty, so try to get a big drink of water."

Jackson was talking to Sydney in the bathroom. He said, "Do you know what diarhea means? Broken poop."

Kgw got her nails done. She was washing her hands and Jackson saw. He said "Be careful mommy you don't wash too hard and wash off your plastic nails!"

We picked up a box of sugar cubes. Sydney saw them and got all excited. She was surprised when they weren't cold.

Jackson saw a horse wearing a fly mask over its eyes. He laughed and said, "That guy can't see because he has underpants on his head!"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Half Camp Out

The other night we had a camp out (sorta) in our back yard.  McKay told me he wanted to set up the tent and sleep in the backyard with the kids and I suggested just doing all the fun parts of a camp out....minus the actually sleeping outside part.  So, we set up their little zebra tent and got our flashlights and lantern out.  We had smores, read books in the dark, sang some songs and then came inside.  We had lots of fun.  Easy and fun...,my kind of camp out!

And I just had to include this picture of our happy 6 MONTH OLD boy!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our new home in Las Vegas.

Welcome to our new house. Come on in!
From the garage you walk into the kitchen. Nice and spacious with plenty of cupboard space.

Walking in from the garage you have a nice workspace (Mckay has claimed this area) to your right. See the nice stacks of bar prep books? Those are McKay's life for the next 2 1/2 right?

And the laundry room to your left.

From the kitchen you move into the dining room.

From the dining room looking back into the kitchen. We have a nice little bar where the kids love to eat breakfast and lunch.

The dining room connects to our play room/work space (claimed by me). Now the kids can play while I work (or play, whatever you want to call it). ;-)

Next is the living room where the front entry is. The front door is to the left of the big window.

Now upstairs.
First is the Sydney/guest room. Jackson has an extra bed in his room, so Sydney will bunk with him when we have guests (hint hint, we'd love some guests!!) Haha.
(Sorry, I didn't notice my camera lens was so nasty...too bad.)

Next, Jackson's room. Some day I'll be able to decorate in here.

Then the master bedroom.

Walk-in closet on left (YESSSS!) and bathroom on right.

And lastly, Carter's room. He'll get some decorations some day too...maybe.

And that's our house! We love it and feel right at home. We're near every store and restaurant you could imagine and about a 5 minute walk from the elementary school. We had the kids count how many seconds it took us to get to church on Sunday and it was 32. What a difference from our 50 minute drive in Grundy!! Feel free to visit any time!!

Goodbye Virginia PART THREE (the end of the end)

These pictures were supposed to load onto my last post, but they didn't. I didn't feel like rearranging the whole thing to fit them here is part three. ;-)

Outside our church building on our last day in our little branch.

Sitting on the steps to our house right before loading up and driving away.

Me, McKay, and Carter across the street getting into the moving truck...our home for the following three days.

And Sydney and Jackson "entertained" everyone else in the SUV the whole way home.

On the road.
Picnic breakfast at a truck stop after driving through the night. Ew.


Goodbye Virginia PART TWO

I got all the pictures that my sisters took when they came to Virginia. So, get ready for a picture OVERLOAD.
Kelly & Sherri...two of my beautiful sisters by the river in Grundy.
McKay, Vanner, and my dad loading the MONSTROUS moving truck

Even the Sister Missionaries came to help....believe me...we needed ALL the help we could get!

My dad handing stuff down from the attic.

The master puzzle piece truck packers McKay and Vanner.

Sydney and Jackson helping get stuff outside.

One HUGE mattress for one HUGE truck.

Almost full...

Putting in the LAST thing...

Ahh...and now attempting to close the door. It had been raining all week and let up only for a couple hours while we loaded...leaving it nice and HUMID. McKay's shirt is drenched from sweat...and so were everyone else's.

The loading crew...THANKS EVERYONE!!

Taking a rest in the empty house....with a tear in our eye.

Not too much sadness though...Sydney was excited to get on the road to....


It had been raining so much that we had a river running over our drive way. The kids thought it was pretty cool.

Here are Sydney and Jackson at their last story time at the library. It was a sad day saying goodbye to Kathy (we miss you already!!) and all the fun times there.
I brought cupcakes to the preschool on the last day. Here's the class eating them up.

McKay after his LAST FINAL of law school!! Happy Day!!

Sydney and Grandma at the bottom of our driveway. I will miss having this as our view!!

Kelly and Sydney in front of the river.

On the bridge to "Scary Bridge Park" in Grundy.

Kelly and Mom having a little too much fun...haha.

There were about 6 shots before this one of everyone trying to get settled....pretty funny, but it made for a cute shot!
A couple more shots of graduation day. Oh, and Andrea, the hat is a doctoral hat...and purple is for law.
Back a couple of night McKay decided to wrap the kids up in the plastic moving wrap stuff.
Then he wrapped them together....they had mixed feelings about this...haha.
These are some pictures at one of the many stops on the long journey home.

The packing, loading, and driver were exhausting...we're glad to be home!!

*I just realized 10 of the pictures that were supposed to upload into this post didn' there will also be a part THREE to Goodbye Virginia....