Monday, April 30, 2012

Catch Up

Soooooo I'm still having issues with my picture from March and most of April.
I tend to be a bit fanatical when it comes to certain things.... like blogging out of order ... But I figure it's better to keep up with what's going on now rather than continuing to fall behind.

Someday I'll blog about our anniversary cruise, the Clark County Fair, and the million other things we did over the past several weeks, but for now I'll share some fun pics from the last week or so. :-)

Carter is just starting to show interest in coloring (more than on the walls). He'll make tons of little circles with scribbles in the middle and he can tell me what every single one is. Super cute.

Reese is able to get wherever he wants to go. He's not quite crawling, but he's close. I'm in trouble.

He's one of he happiest (and cutest) little dudes I know.

Carter parked his little "car" in this box from Costco and said "Look Mom!!! I parked in the garage!!".

Last weekend we got a babysitter once Carter and Reese were in bed and right before the big kids went to bed we surprised them and took them to a late showing of "Mirror Mirror". We even went in our jammies. :-)

The light bulb has turned on and Jackson is becoming an amazing reader. He read me this book the other day before school and surprised himself by reading the words dangerous and avalanche.

This awesome lady backed into me at a stop sign while I was driving the kids to school the other day. She punched a nice hole in my bumper with her trailer hitch. Being the crazy attorney's wife that I am, I jumped out and started taking picture of the crime scene. I'm sure to anyone who drove by it looked like I rear ended her, but I wasn't about to get pinned with that.
After giving my recorded statement her insurance took 100% liability and I'll even get a sweet minivan rental while my car is in the shop.
While reporting the claim to the insurance company I had to list all the passengers including their DOB, address, position in the vehicle, etc. I could practically hear the young lady's eyes popping out of her head as I listed my 4 kids along with my nephew.... And then she had to verify that she had my birthday correct and that I am in fact only 27 years old. Haha.

So there you have it. An eventful week with the Whitneys.

Adieu from Monsieur Jackson.


Matthias said...

I like how Sydney has her toes pointed in the picture outside the movie theatre.

Jackson's moustache reminds me of a skit that I think your kids would think is funny. Google search "I can't pay the rent / You must pay the rent"

Or here's the youtube:

Angie said...

love those last pictures of jackson. you guys are such fun parents! bummer about the car. that's never fun. thanks for the update, can't wait to hear/see pictures from the cruise!