Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to school, back to life.

Lots of words in this post!  Scroll down if you're just interested in pictures!

Six days after Reese was born school started.  
Sydney started first grade, and Jackson all day Kindergarten.

It was a day I had very mixed emotions about.  I knew I'd have a 6 day old baby, and a needy almost 2 year old at home.  I wasn't sure if the big kids being gone all day would make things easier (cuz, hey, 2 is easier than 4 right??) or harder (cuz lets face it...those big kids do A LOT to help me out!!)

I also worried with Jackson being so young that he'd have a hard time adjusting to being in school ALL day.  He only meets the deadline to start school this year by 2 days.  He's a boy, he's full of energy, and he's very social.

McKay took the kids to back to school night since I had just come home from the hospital.  It was hard for me to not be there to meet their teachers and get a feel for how the first day of school would go...but braving a crowded school in 110 degrees 3 days after my c-section didn't seem like the best idea.

Monday was the big day and Sherri, my sister, came over to watch the 2 little kids so I could take the  big kids to their first day.  It was HOT, and just the little bit of energy it took wiped me out, but I was so happy I got to go.

Jackson did great.  He wasn't at all emotional and seemed excited to get into the classroom.
Sydney was emotional.  She really wanted to be there, but was nervous.  She had tears, but tried to hide them.  She's been excited to go back to school since summer started, so I think she surprised herself when the tears came.

They both had a great first day.  Jackson has only had good reports from his teacher.  He fits right in and listens well.  His teacher is very strict (which he needs) and he loves her.  Every day when he gets home from school he reminds me that he needs to do his homework.  He gets a months worth of homework at a time and he had it finished in about 6 days.  I can't even explain how relieved I am that things are going so well for him. I really worried that this year was too soon for him to start and that I should wait until next year, but he's doing SO well.  

Of course Sydney is doing great, too.  She's made for the classroom.  She's not as excited about homework as Jackson...She gets to complaining when I tell her it's time to work on it each day, but the thought of turning in an incomplete homework packet stresses her out enough that she always gets it done. ;-)

So, all my stresses of back to school are gone.  It was a crazy few weeks leading up to, and following the big day, but it's come and gone and it couldn't have gone any better.  Phew!

Sydney and Jackson in front of the school. 
They wear uniforms and I LOVE it!

I thought it was cute that they held hands walking in.

Sydney trying to smile for one last picture before going inside.  
It was not easy!  

So, now the majority of my days are spent with just 2 kids.  It reminds me a lot of when Sydney and Jackson were little....except I have to keep up with the chores of a family of 6.  Lots of laundry, shopping, food preparation, etc.  It's good to be busy.

Carter gladly lets the kids leave in the mornings.  He loves his alone time with me.  
He also found this little back pack in the dress ups and puts it on when the big kids put on their back packs.  

I stay plenty busy during the day...but sometimes I get a few seconds to myself.

As much as Carter loves his alone time during the day, he's very excited when the big kids get home to play with him.

Last weekend McKay went on a scout camp out and picked up this tasty treat to feed the boys.
You can only imagine Carter's excitement when he laid his eyes on it! 
Remember how much Carter likes to eat!!!

While McKay was gone me and Sydney gave Reese his first bath.  Sydney took pictures for me.  It wasn't the most enjoyable bath, but his second one was much better!

All clean. 

And one last picture.  This has to be one of my favorite pictures of Carter ever.
I think I'll have it blown up and hung somewhere.
McKay snapped this on Labor day when just he and Carter went for a little joy ride.
SO cute, and SO Carter!

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Megan said...

OH my gosh that picture of Sydney and Jackson holding hands is sooo sweet! I'm totally with you on the 2 year old and newborn. It's crazy, but wonderful.