Friday, June 17, 2011


Last night we went to the circus!
I got a coupon in the mail a few months back for $10 tickets and thought it would be a fun summer activity.
We invited my brother and his family along with two of my sisters.
For most of us it was our first experience at a circus, and it was really good!
We had great seats, but not great enough to get any good pictures.  I took these off Google.

The elephants were amazing.  They are so huge, but remind me of little puppies.  

I had told my kids all about the tight rope.  Sadly, our seats were positions so we saw the rope straight on, rather than from the side, so we didn't see much....but it was still cool.

The horses were beautiful!  They had three different "rings" of horse acts going on at the same time.  One of the rings was actually zebras, and they were so well trained.  Very entertaining!

Of course they had tons of clown stunts and cool bikes and vehicles....but the animals were by far my favorite part.  I think this will be a tradition for us.  The kids loved it!

Carter's poor broken tooth smile...

It didn't get over until 10pm and after a long day of swimming and playing the kids were totally wiped out....amazingly none of them fell asleep....that is until we got int he car. ;-)

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Jamie said...

The circus looks like fun. It is coming to Phoenix soon. Maybe Troy and I will be able to go.

Hey, I have a favor to ask. We are coming to Vegas this weekend and wondered if we could get Mike and Becky's numbers from you. We'd like to meet up with them while we're in town. You can email them to me jjamiekj at yahoo dot com or text me them 3077612054.