Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goodbye Virginia PART TWO

I got all the pictures that my sisters took when they came to Virginia. So, get ready for a picture OVERLOAD.
Kelly & Sherri...two of my beautiful sisters by the river in Grundy.
McKay, Vanner, and my dad loading the MONSTROUS moving truck

Even the Sister Missionaries came to help....believe me...we needed ALL the help we could get!

My dad handing stuff down from the attic.

The master puzzle piece truck packers McKay and Vanner.

Sydney and Jackson helping get stuff outside.

One HUGE mattress for one HUGE truck.

Almost full...

Putting in the LAST thing...

Ahh...and now attempting to close the door. It had been raining all week and let up only for a couple hours while we loaded...leaving it nice and HUMID. McKay's shirt is drenched from sweat...and so were everyone else's.

The loading crew...THANKS EVERYONE!!

Taking a rest in the empty house....with a tear in our eye.

Not too much sadness though...Sydney was excited to get on the road to....


It had been raining so much that we had a river running over our drive way. The kids thought it was pretty cool.

Here are Sydney and Jackson at their last story time at the library. It was a sad day saying goodbye to Kathy (we miss you already!!) and all the fun times there.
I brought cupcakes to the preschool on the last day. Here's the class eating them up.

McKay after his LAST FINAL of law school!! Happy Day!!

Sydney and Grandma at the bottom of our driveway. I will miss having this as our view!!

Kelly and Sydney in front of the river.

On the bridge to "Scary Bridge Park" in Grundy.

Kelly and Mom having a little too much fun...haha.

There were about 6 shots before this one of everyone trying to get settled....pretty funny, but it made for a cute shot!
A couple more shots of graduation day. Oh, and Andrea, the hat is a doctoral hat...and purple is for law.
Back a couple of night McKay decided to wrap the kids up in the plastic moving wrap stuff.
Then he wrapped them together....they had mixed feelings about this...haha.
These are some pictures at one of the many stops on the long journey home.

The packing, loading, and driver were exhausting...we're glad to be home!!

*I just realized 10 of the pictures that were supposed to upload into this post didn' there will also be a part THREE to Goodbye Virginia....

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Andrea Gilberg said...

Hey, thanks for the info. lol I looked it up after that and realized I was a retard. Maybe it was the purple that threw me off idk. And I realized that some programs use the hat and others don't. Anyways, it works and really doesn't matter, I was just curious. Now time to post pictures of your home in vegas .yay.