Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How old did you say?

We have really been enjoying our awesome pink bathroom. Pink sink, pink tub, pink toilet of course. And yeah, a white toilet seat.

Recently the lever has been sticking, so we've had to reach our hand in the tank a lot so the water doesn't just run and run. Its been kind of a habit to leave the tank open (looks janky like this, but is more easily accessible to fix).

While Keresa was inspecting it once, she saw something stamped into the tank lid.

A closer look

Holy Moly! We always figured this awesome bathroom set was retro, like maybe the 70s. We NEVER would have guessed November 4, 1936!! Whoa! So next time someone comes and uses our bathroom, be careful in there! You are using antiques!

Makes sense though, 1936 -- I guess thats why we had to run our own cable for TV. Did they have TV yet when this house was built?


Matthias said...

Sweet retro porcelains!

The Clarkes said...

Imagine all the poo that toilet has seen!!!

Jill Manis said...

Things were made so much better back in the day! That old and it's just starting to stick?...But great observation :)