Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Playing together

Sometimes I have a hard time remembering moments during the week when my kids actually played together nicely rather than just fighting and arguing.
Luckily I tend to snap pictures during those seemingly rare occasions.

Jackson built the tower that was on the front of the blocks storage bag. He was pretty proud of himself. ;-)

McKay kept telling them to make a different pose. Like sad, surprised, etc. We had a good laugh.

On another day Mr. Potato Head came out to play. Even Carter got in on the action.

Sadly Carter decided it was more fun to whack the big kids' creations with a toy hammer and Jackson took matters into his own hands....or fists.
Lots of playing ends up with time "on the wall".

Lastly, a picture of Jackson with his school dinosaur diorama. He had so much fun painting and designing it.

Never a dull moment around these parts!!

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