Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Backyard camp out and Cinco de Mayo

Can we all just agree that camping with lots of little kids is a big huge messy chore?
McKay had the best idea this past weekend. A camp out in our very own back yard.
The kids were so excited when I picked then up from school to get the camping stuff out.

We got a five dollar pizza, laid out our sleeping bags, and watched a movie. It was really fun!

You wanna know the best part??
I slept IN MY OWN BED!! (So did Reese, Carter, and eventually Sydney.)

My kind of camp

McKay brought home a piñata from work on Friday so we let the kids have at it on Saturday for a little Cincl de Mayo celebration.
We started off with a blindfold but it was one TOUGH piñata!!

Sydney would send the thing swinging when she hit it.
After it attacked her a few times she started running away from it.
So funny!!

Our outside renovations are complete and we are in our back yard constantly. It's wonderful.
I'll compile our before and after pictures and do a post soon!

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