Thursday, March 3, 2011

The "real" man is back!

Leaving Las Vegas and moving to Virginia for law school was hard for all of us.
For me, I would miss being close to my family, friends, and living in a city where you can run to the store at any hour.
Sydney would miss all her grandparents along with aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Jackson was too young to care.

On the other hand, the only tear McKay shed was saying good bye to his baby.

No, no, no...not Sydney...

His banshee.

He lost a piece of himself the day he sold it, but a couple weeks ago he bought that piece back.

Yesterday he told me this:

"You know when you smell a smell like you're old girlfriend's perfume (ya, he said that) and it totally takes you back to high school or whatever??"

Me : "uh huh...?"

"Well, I just walked into the garage and smelled the banshee and it made me feel like a man again."

I'm glad to have my man back...and he deserves every bit of that banshee-induced-man-feeling happiness.


Me said...

Man talk. If only I could type the laugh from Home Improvement.

Andrea Gilberg said...

lol. that is so mckay! funny.
Vegas next week, I'll let you know more details. The boys are golfing over in summerlin and the girls are getting massages/pedis out at lake las vegas. And hopefully BYU goes far in the tourny. I'm thinking we could possibly meet up sat night for dinner? let me know.

Andrea Gilberg said...

ps. we are staying at south point. There is a possibility of friday night hang out depending on the time byu plays but for sure saturday. k see ya

Angie said...

haha, nice.

Becca said...

Jonathan wants to see a close-up of the new Banshee... I'll bet that's hard to get...