Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kids said

It has been forever - but I still have a few of these I save. Here's the best from the last several months. -mk

Sydney said,"Dad will you hunt someday?" I said ok, what do you want me to hunt? She said "maybe fish?" Jackson said "maybe butterflies?"

Jackson said he had a mint drink. Keresa asked him what that means. He said, "well, first I got a mint in my cheek, then, I got some spit in my cheek, then after a while I drink the spit, then I do it one more time so I can have two mint drinks!"

Sydney told me she learned about a new kind of book today. "it's called a magazine. It is kind of smooth and wobbly."

After a few days of playing on the beach, Sydney was walking in the sand. She complained to Keresa, "My feet are so swollen I have to walk like an old person."

We made cookies. Some didn't look so good, so I told the kids the plate of this kind were ugly, and they were for the kids to eat (rather than eating the pretty ones that we might give away). A little while later, a sad Jackson asked me, "Dad, can I have an ugly kid cookie?" I told him yes and I didn't mean they were for ugly kids. I hope he understood.

The kids were playing some bug-card game. I heard Jackson say, "I drew a matress card!" I went to check it out and saw it was a picture of a praying mantis. ("Mantis" kind of sounds like matress?)

Jackson asked Keresa if he could get a fire, then roast a penguin on it. She said no. He said, "Well how about if we poke a tiger or seahorse and cook them?"

Jackson said, "Can we make a candy bracelet but with popcorn instead and hang it on the Christmas Tree?"

Carter knocked over the garbage can, so we went running. By the time we got there, he had already pulled out a bunch of stuff and had a banana peel in his mouth. It happened again the next day and Keresa grabbed him while he had two strawberry stems in his mouth.

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Lara said...

K...I LOVE these posts. You have inspired me to keep up on the funny things Dallin says. I try to post every once in a while. Hope you don't mind me stealing your idea.

By the way, your kids are hilarious, and these posts always make me laugh!