Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Before I get to the Halloween post let me introduce you to the newest addition of our family.
Mr. Computer.
I got a laptop 3 years ago for dirt cheap on Ebay and it's been on it's last leg for
about three years.
Since we moved back to Las Vegas 6 months ago
(I know...what?...6 months already?)
it's been demoted to a stationary desktop computer....every time I moved/unplugged it, something bad would happen, so on the desk it's stayed.
Sunday it took it's last breath.
Sad. worries,
Mr. Computer!

I couldn't decide how to introduce him...
Attmept #1:
Happy me with Mr. Computer.
 Sadly, I look a little scared and although I'm facing the camera, it appears that I'm facing the computer and have elasta-neck.  Weird. 

Attempt #2
Thumbs up for Mr. Computer.
 Kinda lame don't you think?

Attmept #3:
 "Yesss! I got a new computer!"

Forth and final attempt:
"YEAH!  I got a new computer and I'm gonna punch you in the face!"
Ok, that's enough.
This is what happens when Sydney and Jackson are at school, Carter's taking a nap, and the house is actually clean for the first time in a week.
Good thing this doesn't happen often.

I did a poor job of getting pictures this year.  Every time I thought about getting my camera out someone else had their camera out and was snapping pictures and I thought
"Oh, I'll just have them email those to me."
Ya, how often does that actually happen?
Well, I did ask my sisters to send me the pictures they took, so there may be an update to this post.
NOW, here we go.

Jackson was a pirate.  Again.  Hooray for little kids who don't outgrow their costumes from last year!

Sydney switched off between being a 50's girl and a witch (her costumes from the past 2 years...sweet!)

Our ward trunk-or-treat was on Wednesday night.  Lots of fun.  I handed out about 200 pieces of candy.  Crazy.

On Saturday my sisters Sherri and Kelly came over and helped us carve pumpkins.
I didn't take any pictures, but McKay must have snapped these sometime.

On Friday we went to my parent's trunk-or-treat.
No pictures. Lame.

On Sunday we went over to my parents to hand out candy and have dinner.
We had 
Creepy eyeball tacos,
Cheesy mummies,
Witch Fingers,
and more eyeballs for dessert.
No pictures of that night either.  Double lame.

So, that was our Halloween week.
Now it's November and we have lots to look forward to.
Carter's 1st birthday!
My 26th birthday!
I teach preschool again!
Thanksgiving with McKay's family!
Bring it on, November!

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Lara said...

I LOVE getting something new!

Love the punch you in the face pic...that's not what I thought at all! :)

Your kids are too cute, and so was your trunk on Halloween!

Glad you guys are doing well.