Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What we've been up to...

I've said it a million times, but being back in Vegas has been so wonderful.  Me and the kids keep ourselves super busy which makes it easier for McKay to study his LONG hours while preparing to take the bar exam in July.  Here are a few pictures (and a video) from the last couple of weeks.

First, Carter doing pat-a-cake.  Today is his 7 month birthday.

Jackson was remembering daddy's graduation, so McKay let the kids get his cap out and try it on.
(This is a good shot of Carter's two little teeth!)

My little younger brother Jared graduated from high school on Friday.  I was even able to peel McKay's eyes away from his computer to come celebrate for a few hours.  Congrats Jared!  You sure looked slick in your white cap and gown!

Sydney got a new swim suit and insisted that I take her picture.

There's a great group of Moms in our new ward at church that all have kids the same ages as ours. They have a little co-op preschool that Jackson will get to go to next year and they invited us to tag along to some of the last activities before Summer break. Here are some pictures of a bird sanctuary/petting zoo we went to.

We invested in a $8 swimming pool...and it has already provided HOURS of fun for the big kids.  I have it set up right outside our back glass doors so I can be inside with Carter while the kids play outside... best.eight.dollars.ever.spent.

I feel like Summer hasn't even begun yet.  We haven't been to a "real" swimming pool.  We haven't been to the beach.  The weather's only been in the 100's about 5 times and it's already the middle of JUNE!  I'm excited for the weeks ahead and loving ever second with my little family. 
(Oh, and Sydney starts KINDERGARTEN in 2 months...WHAT??)


Andrea Gilberg said...

I love your hair. Way cute, definantly like the full bang. Anyways, miss you guys and looks like a blast.

Angie said...

i think jackson is hitting on the girl sitting next to him in the picture of them sitting on the picnic table ;)