Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Speedway In Lights

We are about 2 hours away from the Bristol Speedway in Tennessee and each year at Christmas time they do "Speedway in Lights". It's about a 1 1/2 hour drive through every kind of light display you can imagine. It was beautiful. At the very end of the display you actually get to drive onto the race track and in the center you can park and get out and have hot chocolate and ice skate. It was a chilly 9 degrees so we decided to skip that part. We got to drive up on the slanted parts of the track and we were pretty sure we would tip right over...it was awesome. I wish we had a video of that part...McKay was in the back seat screaming like a girl for me to get down. Hahaha! It was a nice evening and of course we got to spend the earlier part of the day in the city finishing our Christmas shopping. Fun stuff!
Different businesses sponsor the display...here's Food City's set up (the major grocery chain here in the VA area).

And here is a true Hillbilly Christmas. This was the display for an RV company.

The Nativity.

This was a display for Wellmont Health Systems. It's Santa Falling off a roof, then onto a stretcher, into the hospital, and out the other side doing cartwheels. I thought it was clever.

Here are some elves at a pit stop fixing up one of them there race cars.

From the very beginning of the track you could see this flashing tunnel and McKay was so excited to go through it. Funny kid...I mean guy.

This is something we will be going back for next year. I wish we could say it would become one of our traditions...but only one more Christmas and we're done with Law School! Merry Christmas!


Lauren said...

The tunnel was my favorite video! Too funny. Those lights were really neat!
Merry Christmas!!!

Megan said...

Those are awesome!

Merry Christmas! We think of you often!